The Annual Shaolin Kungfu Test in Jihai Year

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From January 19 to 20, 2020, Shaolin Temple held the Shaolin Kungfu Test including seven competition events: Chan practice, Martial Arts, Chan Medicine, Preaching, Recitation, Chanting and Chan Art to test practice results of Kungfu monks in a year and encourage Shaolin monks to study diligently and train hard.

Shaolin monks actively signed up for the two-day year-end Kungfu test and prepared for the test. Shaolin Temple chose monks with rich experiences, high-level practice and good virtues as referees of the Kungfu test, to guide practice, protect monks focusing on daily practice and stick to mind of Chan.

With the propagation of Shaolin culture in the world, overseas Shaolin cultural centers are blooming globally. Shaolin Kungfu test has become an event all over the world. Shaolin Temple’s overseas Shaolin cultural centers around the world will select a good time to exact practice results of students each year. Shaolin disciples and Shaolin culture lovers of different races and different colors in different areas communicate and practice in traditional methods of Shaolin Temple, promoting the propagation of Shaolin culture and deepen friendship between countries and nations. (Photographed by Master Yange, Yue Long, Zhao Yongjie and edited by Wan Ning)