Jan.29, 2017: On the 2nd day of Chinese Lunar New Year 2017, after the morning chanting at the Mahaviro Hall, Shaolin Temple's Abbot Shi Yongxin, Shaolin monks and the Buddhist votaries from all over the country headed for Founder Nunnery to held the Buddhist Ancestor-worshipping Rite according to the traditions that last for over a thousand years. The rite advanced smoothly as schedule in the solemn sound of Sanskrit chanting.


Jan.27, 2017: Following the lead of Ven.Abbot Shi Yongxin, monks of Shaolin Temple celebrated the Chinese Spring Festival according to the traditions that last for over one thousand years, which including posting couplets, hosting ancestor-worshipping rite, tolling the bell for blessings and so on and so forth. Furthermore, there were Buddhist worshipers and children from Shaolin Charity House also joined the celebration event.


Jan.26, 2017: Following the lead of the abbot of Dongchun Temple, 12 monks of Japan Linji School paid a visit to the place of origination of the Buddhist Chan Order--Shaolin Monastery at 8:30 in the morning on Jan.26, 2017, who were warmly received by Shaolin Temple's abbot Master Shi Yongxin.


Jan.25, 2017: On the night of Jan.25th, 2017, the 28th day of the 12th lunar month, Shaolin Temple held its annual "Shaolin Kungfu Test & New Year’s Tea Party" at the Martial Arts Hall. Master Shi Yongxin, monks of the monastery, children of Shaolin Charity House and foreign Shaolin disciples attended the event to celebrate the Chinese Spring Festival.


Jan.20, 2017: The 23rd day of the 12th lunar month is the Preliminary Eve for Chinese people, which falls on Jan.20, 2017, and it is also the birthday of Kimnara, the protector of Shaolin Temple. Therefore, a grand Sacrifice Offering Ceremony was held at Shaolin Temple in honour of Kimnara's birthday, with Shaolin Temple's Abbot Master Shi Yongxin presiding over the ceremony. Furthermore, monks of Shaolin Temple stood on either side of the Kimnara Hall chanting together, with a view to praying for world peace, the prosperity of our nation and a favorable weather in the new year.


Dec.22, 2016: At 7:30 in the morning on Dec.22, 2016, the forty nine-day 2016 Chan Session of Shaolin Temple came to a successful end with the sound of "Jie"(that means over) from Ven.Abbt Shi Yongxin. Furthermore, there were totally 132 Chan practitioners, including the eminent monks, the monks who cultivate in the remote mountains, the senior Chan practitioners and the novice monks, attending the Chan Session at the Chan Hall, hoping to get enlightenment during the Chan Session.


Nov.18, 2016: "The International Seminar on Chinese Buddhist Culture of Ancestral Monasteries"sponsored by The Buddhist Association China and China Religious Culture Communication Association, and co-organized by The Organizing Committee of Shaanxi Province, Peking University and Shaanxi Normal University, kicked off at Xi'an Conference & Exhibition Center on Novermber 18, 2016. Moreover, nearly two hundred representatives of Buddhist circles, experts and scholars from 17 countries and regions conducted in-depth discussion under the theme of "Ancestral Virtue Lasts Forever, Buddha's Wisdom Renewed Constantly". Master Shi Yongxin, abbot of China Songshan Shaolin Temple attended the seminar and gave a speech on "Adhering to Ancestral Traditions, Building on Past Achievement".


Oct.16, 2016: the 11th Zhengzhou China International Shaolin Wushu Festival kicked off at the gateway of Shaolin Temple in Dengfeng. Besides, Master Shi Yongxin, presented the “Harmonious Painting” to the vice-chairman of the CPPCC Mr. Qi Xuchun.


Apr.10, 2016: Ambassador Oley Domin from Ukraine to China and his party paid a visit to Shaolin Temple. Mr. Oleg had a friendly talk with Ven. Abbot Shi Yongxin in the Hall of Abbot.


Nov.2-5, 2015: following the lead of Master Yongchuan, a group of 18 students of Germany Shaolin Culture Center made a pilgrimage to Shaolin Temple, who got a warm reception from Ven.Abbot Yongxin and monks of Shaolin Temple. During their visit, after experiencing Shaolin Martial Arts, Chan Meditation and Chan Medicine, they were all amazed by the profound Shaolin culture.


Oct.20, 2015: Master Shi Yongxin, abbot of Shaolin Temple met with Master Shifeng and his delegation form Tongdu Temple of Korea, and they held cordial talks with each other.


June.1, 2015: At 10:00a.m. on June 1, 2015, led by Ms.Sharon, head of Shaolin Center for Martial Arts in Denver, Colorado, 55 students made a pilgrimage to Shaolin Temple, who were given a warm reception by Ven.Abbot Shi Yongxin.


Apr.26, 2015: At 4:00p.m., Mr.Sinlavong Khutphaitun, member of the Central Committee of Lao People's Revolutionary Party, secretary& mayor of Vientiane Municipal Committee and chairman of China-Laos Friendship Association, with his wife and the deputy secretary and vice mayor of Vientiane Municipal Committee, 20 members of them visited the Shaolin Temple, Ven.Abbot Shi Yongxin received them warmly.


Mar.21-25, 2015: The Leadership Congress, sponsored by United World Chinese Association, was solemnly held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and Ven.Abbot Shi Yongxin won the World’s Chinese Outstanding Award. Besides, DR.CARL MEN KY,CHING, founding president of United World Chinese Association, presented the award to Ven.Abbot Shi Yongxin. 


Nov.7, 2014: At 4:30p.m. of November 7th,a delegation of nine people visited Shaolin Temple and were warmly welcomed by Ven.Abbot Yongxin .They were Gen.Chetta Thanajaro, the former defence minister of Thailand, the army chief, the chairman of China-Thailand Industrial and Commercial Association and the president of World Thailand Boxing Association ,Mrs.Amara Tanawat, the vice chairman of China-Thailand Industrial and Commercial Association, Mr. Pradit Boonkird, the secretary-general of China-Thailand Industrial and Commercial Association, Mr.Sorachai Kaewnop, the chief financial officer of China-Thailand Industrial and Commercial Association and so on. Accompanied by masters in Shaolin Temple, Gen.Chetta Thanajaro and his delegation members visited Shaolin Temple with great interest and were filled with admiration for the over-one-thousand-year Shaolin Culture.


Oct.7-14, 2014: With the strong support of Ven.Abbot Shi Yongxin, the third(Europe) Shaolin Cultural Festival was held in London and at Oxford University, which is sponsored by Chinese Songshan Shaolin Temple, Shaolin Association of North America, organized by UK Shaolin Cultural Center. Furthermore, the Shaolin Culture Festival includes 4 parts: World Peace Blessing Prayer, Shaolin Kung Fu Examination, a series of lectures on culture, including Shaolin Zen meditation, Shaolin kung fu and Buddhist  medicine, the Exhibition of Chinese Buddhism and Chinese zodiac cultural relics as well as the conversation between Chinese Buddhism and Christianity. 


Sept.23, 2014: On the afternoon of September 23, 2014, Master Phra promdilok and other monks visited Shaolin Temple. Ven. Abbot Shi Yongxin received them warmly.

At that night, upon the 65th anniversary of the new China’s establishment, Chinese Martial Arts Performance, sponsored by Chinese Embassy in India and organized by Inida-China Economic and Cultural Council, kicked off in New Delhi, capital of India. Following the lead of Master Yanzhuang, Yanao, Yanti,  a group of 23 Shaolin Warrior monks had presented the wonderful Shaolin Kungfu Show for Indian spectators.


Aug.4, 2014: On the morning of August 4, 2014, the graduation ceremony for German Shaolin disciples was held in front of Abbot’s Room of Shaolin Temple. Seventeen German Shaolin disciples prostrated themselves before Ven. Abbot Shi Yongxin. After that, they gave a report-back performance.


June.20, 2014: On the morning of June 20, 2014, accompanied by Guo Guozhi, deputy director general of Henan Provincial Administration for Religious Affairs, Jing Rui, deputy division chief of the first division of Henan Provincial Administration for Religious Affairs, Dr. Maung Maung Htay and other officials from Ministry of Religious Affairs of Myanmar visited Shaolin Temple. Ven. Abbot Shi Yongxin warmly received them.


May.4-13, 2014: On May 4, 2014, the students of Traditional Shaolin Wushu Association of Lithuania led by their head Tomas Lapinskas arrived at Shaolin Temple and warmly received by Ven. Abbot Yongxin.
On May 13, the eleven students of Traditional Shaolin Wushu Association of Lithuania completed their short-term training in Shaolin Temple successfully and went back to Lithuania.


Apr.15, 2014: On the afternoon of April 15, 2014, Professor Robert Weller of Department of Religion and Anthropology, Boston University gave a lecture under the title of “The Situation and Development of World Religions” in Shaolin Temple. Ven. Abbot Shi Yongxin of Shaolin Temple, Li Weifang, dean of School of Chinese Language & Literature of Henan University, Professor Wu Xiaoqun of Henan University, more than 20 Shaolin disciples from America and Shaolin monks listened to the lecture.


Mar.17, 2014: At 12:30 pm of March 17, 2014 (local time in America), Shaolin Cultural Delegation led by Ven. Abbot Yongxin arrived at San Francisco International Airport to attend the 10th Anniversary Celebration of California “Songshan Shaolin Temple Day” which will be held in San Francisco, Fremont, Oakland from March 18 to 23, 2014. At 3:00 pm, the press conference of the 10th Anniversary of California “Songshan Shaolin Temple Day” was held in Shaolin Temple USA.


Feb.21, 2014: Lieutenant General Mlange, commander of Zambia National Service led a delegation to visit Shaolin Temple and warmly received by Ven. Abbot Yongxin.


Jan.8, 2014: January 8, 2014 (December 8, 2013 of lunar calendar) was Chinese traditional festival “The Laba Rice Porridge Festival”. On that day, Shaolin Temple provided more than one hundred thousand portions of Laba Rice Porridge for free at the gate of Shaolin Pharmacy Bureau, as well as the downtown area of Zhengzhou City and the sub-temples of Shaolin Temple. Shaolin Temple would like to show the value theory of equality, benevolence and the joy of Chan as well as to commemorate the day the Buddha gained Buddhahood through the activity.


Nov.9, 2013: On the morning of Nov.9, the unveiling ceremony of “World Wing Chun Monument” was held at Devajara Hall of Shaolin Temple. Ven.Abbot Yongxin attended and presided over the ceremony.


Oct.23, 2013: At the gracious invitation of Zi-Cheng (transliterated words) Temple in Nagano, Japan, on October 23, 2013, Ven. Abbot Shi Yongxin of China Songshan Shaolin Temple and his accompanying personnel arrived in Japan and attended consecration Dharma assembly for the statue of Bodhidharma in Zi-Cheng Temple.


Sept.4, 2013: On September 4, 2013, Ven. Abbot Shi Yongxin and his accompanying personnel visited Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow and paid a courtesy call on Patriarch Kirill of Russian Orthodox Eastern Church.


Sept.29, 2013: Accompanied by the melodious Chaohua Blowing Song, the world-renowned Shaolin Kungfu with the unique characteristic “the unity of Chan and Martial Arts” will appear in the International Military Musical Festival which will be held at the Red Square in Moscow, Russia. In the course of the Musical Festival, with the warm and thoughtful arrangement of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Ven. Abbot Yongxin and his accompanying personnel visited the Kremlin. Furthermore, General Sergei, the Guard Commander of Kremlin, met with Ven.Abbot Shi Yongxin and conveyed to him the cordial greetings and best wishes from President Putin. Later on, they watched the rehearsal together.

At the same day, at the invitation of Huaxing Economic Advisory Service Center of The United Front Work Department of CPC Central Committee, Shaolin Temple attended the 16th Beijing International Art Exposition. As the monastic manger and the director of Shaolin Pharmacy Bureau, Master Yanlin headed for Beijing took part in the Expo with Shaolin monks. Besides, this Exposition is the only artistic exhibition in China that officially approved by the Ministry of Culture and sponsored by The United Front Work Department.


June.19,2013: Being accompanied by Ms. Yue Aimei, wife of State Councilor Yang Jiechi, Deng Ying, deputy director of the Protocol Department of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ms. Wei Xin, division chief and counsellor of Information Department of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ms. Bibi Alalawi, ambassador of the Kingdom of Bahrain to China, Ms. Rosario Botley, ambassador of Uruguay to China, Ms. Carmenza Jaramillo, ambassador of Columbia to China, Ms. Sheila Carey, ambassador of Bahamas to China, Ms. Abdullah Saleh Al Saadi, wife of the ambassador of Oman to China, Ms. Beatrice Foya Shava, wife of the ambassador of Zimbabwe to China visited Shaolin Temple and Ven. Abbot Yongxin received them warmly.


Apr.13, 2013: On the afternoon of April 13, 2013, being accompanied by deputy director Shang Runze of Taiwan Affairs Office of Henan Province, Vice President Jiang Xiaoyan of Kuomintang of China and his wife visited Shaolin Temple. Ven. Abbot Shi Yongxin and other monks of Shaolin Temple warmly received them.
On the afternoon of April 13, 2013, Major general Mao Xinyu, who acts as deputy director of theory and strategy of war research department of PLA Academy of Military Sciences and member of the national committee of CPPCC and his family visited Shaolin Temple. Ven. Abbot Shi Yongxin and other monks of Shaolin Temple received them warmly.
At the same day, Mr. Li Bangqin, president of the 100,000 Strong Foundation, visited Shaolin Temple, and Ven.Abbot Shi Yongxin gave him a warm welcome on his arrival, and they conducted a friendly conversation at the Hall of Abbot.


Dec.23, 2012: Cambodia’s Vice Transport Minister and Secretary of State Mr. H.E. LIM SIDENINE, his wife and a group of more than ten people paid a visit to Shaolin Temple, who were warmly received by Ven. Abbot Shi Yongxin and they also watched the brilliant Shaolin Kungfu Show.


Sept.7, 2012: At 7:00 p.m. (local time in Berlin, Germany), the grand opening ceremony of the First European Shaolin Cultural Festival was held as scheduled in beautiful Berlin, Germany. Tie Daisheng, deputy director of the National People's Congress Standing Committee in Henan Province, Guo Guozhi, deputy director general of Henan Administration for Religious Affairs, Ven. Abbot Shi Yongxin of Shaolin Temple, Jia Jianxin, director of Chinese Cultural Center in Berlin, the leaders from the Culture Department of Henan Province and Shaolin culture amateurs from European countries attended the ceremony.


Aug.6, 2012: Cambodian King Norodom Sihamoni and his entourages accompanied by vice-governor Zhao Jiancai and other leaders of Henan Province visited Shaolin Temple. Ven. Abbot Yongxin and the public gave them a warm welcome.


July.20, 2012: Elder Javert, vice-chancellor of Mahan Chulalongkorn University in Thailand and his party travelled a long distance to come to Shaolin Temple and awarded the Honorary Doctorate Degree for Ven. Abbot Yongxin.


May.7-12, 2012: Ven. Abbot Yongxin headed up a team of 10 masters and several lay Buddhists to participate in the World Buddhist Sangha Council in Sri Lanka.


Feb.6,2012: Abbot of China Songshan Shaolin Temple Master Shi Yongxin and his group arrived at Australian Shaolin Cultural Center to celebrate the Lantern Festival and host a blessing prayer with Shaolin disciples and Buddhist votaries praying for world peace and a favorable weather.


Dec. 18, 2011: On the last day of winter “Chan Session” in Shaolin Chan Hall, all participating Chan masters for this year’s “Chan Session” underwent forty-nine days intensive meditation retreat and were conventionally examined by the Venerable Abbot upon the completion.


Sept. 29-Oct.1, 2011: China Shaolin Temple Abbot, Ven. Yongxin with a delegation was invited to Rome and gave a speech to Italian Shaolin cultural members and believers. Ven. Yongxin with the delegation also officiated a Kai-guang Opening Ceremony for the new Austria Shaolin Cultural Center.


Sept.15, 2011: Ven. Shaolin Abbot Shi Yongxin headed a delegation of Shaolin monks to South Korea and attended the Central China Cultural Exchange Activities held in Seoul.


Aug. 25-28, 2011: With the strong support of Ven. Abbot Shi Yongxin, the Fifth “Chan Debate” was held in Shaolin Chan Hall, with over hundreds of debaters, guests, attendees and devotees from around the nation experiencing Shaolin culture and listening to teachings of Dharma.


Aug. 14, 2011: President Armando Emilio Guebuza and his wife Maria. Guebuza paid a visit to Shaolin Temple and were greeted warmly by Ven. Abbot Yongxin and the Sangha.


Aug. 3, 2011: Invited by Heung Yee Kuk, a Shaolin delegation led by Ven. Abbot Yongxin attended the grand ceremony marking the N.T. Heung Yee Kuk 85th anniversary.


July. 22, 2011: With the strong support of Ven. Abbot Shi Yongxin, a dialogue through music between Shaolin Orphanage & International Committee for Promotion of Youth Arts Education was held in the Ciyun(Clouds of Lovingkindness) Hall of Shaolin Temple, to practice Buddhists' compassion & loving-kindness and promote the children’s future development. It was co-organized by Shaolin Ciyou(Lovingkindness for Children) Orphanage and International Committee for Promotion of Youth Arts Education (UNESCO Program of Arts Education) and supported by some philanthropic artists and music education organizations in China.


July. 3, 2011: A 138-member delegation of head instructors, disciples and students from United Studios of Self Defense (USSD) made a pilgrimage to the root of Chinese Chan Buddhism and Shaolin Kungfu at Shaolin Temple. Ven. Abbot Shi Yongxin and monks of Shaolin Temple received them warmly.

May 28, 2011: Proposed and organized the 1st China Buddhist Medicine Summit held at Shaolin Temple. The conference announced the establishment of Buddhist Medicine Summit Committee. Shaolin Temple is the permanent venue of the summit, which is to be held every two years and is centered on the subject of Buddhist Medicine.
May 21, 2011: Attended the First Shaolin Summit in LA Convention Center and proclaimed the establishment of Shaolin Association of North America (NASA).
Apr. 17, 2011: Welcomed guests from the African Non-Gov Organization (ANGO) led by H.E.Mrs.Pauline Musyoka, wife of Kenya vice president H.E.Mr.Mwai Kibaki. H.E.Mrs.Pauline Musyoka expressed her honor of meeting the abbot and showed her appreciation and gratitude of Shaolin Temple’s charity deeds of educating the African students.
Apr. 11-13, 2011: Headed a delegation for Buddhist Association of China to South Korea and attended the preparatory meeting for 14th South Korea-China-Japan Buddhist Communication Conference.
Mar. 27, 2011: Attended the Mahavira Hall Completion Ceremony of Zhengzhou Buddhist Society , and presided over the Dharma Assembly.
Mar. 21, 2011: Received and had cordial talk with Ven. PHRA THAMSITTHINA YOK, secretary of the King of Tailand Sangha, 10th Department Chief of Tailand Buddhism, Consultant of Wat Sraket Rajavaramahavihara Temple, Tailand, secretary of the King of Sangha. Ven. PHRA THAMSITTHINA YOK expressed his honor of the meeting and highly appreciated the development situation shaolin had achieved in recent years under the correct leadership of Ven. Shi Yongxin.
Dec. 5, 2010: Received a 15-member delegation from Japan Youth Association for Sino-Japan cultural exchange. The group head (佐々木 計三), also the standing executive director of Japan Youth Association, expressed gratitude and utmost appreciation towards the Venerable Shaolin Abbot for the visit.
Oct. 24, 2010: Attended the Thesis Reporting of the 8th Zhengzhou China International Shaolin Wushu Festival held in Zhengzhou University Sports Institute.
Oct. 11, 2010: Welcomed the visit of Sri Lanka’s Mahanayake of the Asgiriya Temple the Most Ven. Udugama Sri Buddharakkitha Thera and Gangaramaya Temple Venjalvoja Jncnissara Thera. The Asgiriya Mahanayake Thera commended Shaolin’s extraordinary efforts for Sino-Sri Lanka cultural communications and marveled at its important role in modern Buddhist societies.
Sept. 1, 2010: Greeted at the Austrian Federal Chancellery by the Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann. Chancellor Werner Faymann had talk with the abbot and hoped that he would have an opportunity to visit Shaolin Temple in future.
Aug. 30, 2010: Invited to address atthe European Forum Alpach 2010. His speech on “Shaolin Temple as a Catalyst to Spark off Worldwide Mutual Understanding and Dialogue” won critical applause from audiences and participants in the Alpbach Political Symposium.
Aug. 17, 2010: Invited by Abbot of Thailand Phra Thong Temple Master Phrapromwaetee, to attend the inauguration ceremony of bronze statue of Confucius of Trimit High School.
Aug. 15, 2010: Attended the Launching Ceremony of Henan Charitable Project for Children Affected by Hemophilia and donated 100,000 RMB to China Hemophilic Association on behalf of Shaolin Temple.
Jun. 20, 2010: Welcomed and had a talk withHon. D. M. Jayaratne, Prime Minister of Sri Lanka and his entourage.
Jul. 13, 2010: Received and had a friendly talk with Mr.Paul Green, Mayor of Shoalhaven City of Australia, Mr.Martin Krulis, Mayor of Natters of Austria and Mr. Frank Kinsella, Mayor of  Township of Leeds and Thousand Islands of Canada.
Apr. 27, 2010: Visited Kenchoji, the first Zen temple in Japan and unveiled the statue of Bodhidarma for the temple.
Feb. 3, 2010: Re-appointed as the Vice Chairman of Buddhist Association of China and Director of Overseas Communication Committee at the 8th BCA (Buddhist Association of China) Council Meeting.

Dec. 3, 2009: Attended the Thanksgiving Prayer Assembly in Macau celebrating the 10th anniversary of the return of Macau on behalf of Henan Buddhism field.

Aug. 19-24, 2009: Led Shaolin Culture Delegation to pay a visit to Sri Lanka and was received by the President Mahinda Rajapaksa in the capital Colombo on the morning of Aug.21.

Jun. 11, 2009: Upon the approval of the State council, appointed by the Culture Ministry as the Representative Inheritor of the Project of Shaolin Kungfu, which is listed into the third group of State-level Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Jun. 10, 2009: Invited as the professor emeritus by the Physical Education Department of Henan University.


May 18, 2009: Led a group of Shaolin Kungfu inheritors to take part in the International Festival of Cultural Diversity, UNESCO in Paris.


Mar.21, 2009: Invited by California Assembly State, led a delegation to participate in the 5th anniversary of "Shaolin Temple Day".


Aug.17, 2008: Received Singapore President Nathan. President Nathan said it was a dream come true and hoped visit again.


Jul.16, 2008: Received the National Assembly of Guinea speaker Aboubacar Sompare and his party.


May 2008: Invited to participate in Chinese Cultural Festival in Rome, Italy, and made three speeches on the subject of "Shaolin Kungfu and harmonious way of body and mind".


Dec.19, 2007: Served as the Goodwill Ambassador of Henan Soong Ch'ing-ling Foundation. Shaolin Temple donated 3 million RMB over ten years and built a special fund for orphan relief program of Henan Soong Ch'ing-ling Foundation.


Aug.9, 2007: Received President of International Olympic Committee (IOC) Jacques Rogge and his party.


Nov.2006: Invited to attend the Global Creative Leadership Summit and delivered a speech about cultural heritage of Shaolin Temple.


Nov.2006: Awarded honorary Ph.D. degree from the United States Sports Institute.


Oct. 2006: Attended the Captains of Industry Conference (COI) held in Singapore and delivered a speech about the cultural inheritance of Shaolin Temple. During the visit, Abbot Yongxin called on Singapore President Nathan and Senior Minister Lee Kuan Yew.

Oct. 2006: Served as adviser of Chan Music Shaolin Grand Ceremony directed by Tan Dun at location of Shaolin scenery. The play is a portrait of Chan Buddhism on ode to nature and concern for human nature.


Mar.20, 2006: Received Russian President Vladimir Putin. The event caused a wide public concern and that year was called "Year of Shaolin Temple" by media.


2005: Proposed and initiated the construction of Chan Hall, to restore the traditional practice of Chan meditation.


Feb.2004-present: Managed the Shaolin Temple comprehensive renovation projects for the construction and extension inside the temple and worked tirelessly on them, including the Kinnara Hall, the Chan Hall, and the Manjusri Hall to the east of the temple's axis, and to the west, Chuipu Hall, Six Patriarchs Hall, Reception Room, Samantabhadra Hall, monks' dorms, and so on. These efforts reproduced the original appearance of “the ancient temple hidden in the remote mountain”.


2004: Restored Shaolin Medicine.


Mar.2004: Led the Shaolin Temple Kungfu Monk Delegation to California, U.S.A. to participate in the proclamation of "Shaolin Temple Day" on March 21, which was significant for promoting Chinese traditional culture and enhancing the Sino-American exchange.

Sep.2003: Initiated the “1000 Orphans Relief Program” together with Henan Provincial General Charity Federation, acclaimed and supported by people from all walks of life.


Aug.2002: Launched "shaolin.org.cn", Shaolin Temple's official website.


Jun.2002: Started the application process for the title of "Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity" by the UNESCO, to protect the Shaolin Kungfu that has been carried on by generations of Shaolin monks for 1500 years. In 2004, The Ministry of Culture submitted a formal presentation of Shaolin Kungfu as one of alternative programs to UNESCO.


Apr.2002: Founded Shaolin Publishing House.


Aug.1999: Officially inaugurated as Abbot of Shaolin Temple.


1999: Founded Shaolin Culture Research Institute with the mission to advance the level of academic research in Shaolin culture.


Jul.1998: Cooperated for the first time with UK on a Shaolin Kungfu stage play and received by Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace after the show. The Kungfu performance has since swept the five continents of the world and developed into a new cultural undertaking.


Jun.1998: Established Henan Shaolin Temple Industrial Development Co. Limited., to protect the intellectual property of Shaolin Temple.


May 1996: Initiated the quarterly journal of Chan Dew.


Feb.1994: Founded Shaolin Charitable Welfare Foundation. The Foundation actively conducted poverty and disaster relief campaigns, including: charity performances to raise donations for Project Hope; establishing Shaolin Children’s Home to care for thousands of orphans; regularly providing assistance for underprivileged children to go to school; drilling deep wells for villages in need of water resource; delivering food to impoverished ethnic minority villages; supplying medical facilities to the indigent rural hospitals; organizing volunteer medical teams touring the province to provide care and treatment to the needy; providing financial assistance to academic organizations; and contributing relief funds and materials to flood disaster areas.


Jun.1993: Led a Shaolin Temple Buddhist Culture Delegation to Taiwan and received by political personalities including Yu Dawei, Chiang Weikuo and Hao Bocun. It was the first time a Buddhist delegation from the Chinese mainland visited Taiwan after forty years of separation between the Buddhists on both sides of the Taiwan Strait.


Oct.1988: Founded Shaolin Calligraphy and Art Institute.


Feb.1988: Founded Shaolin Red Cross, to provide relief to local ailing people.


1987: Established and served as Director of Shaolin Wushu Team, predecessor of Shaolin Temple Kungfu Monk Corps.


1986: Organized manpower and resources to unearth, compile and publish Shaolin kungfu classics; founded Society for the Studies of Shaolin Fist Forms and served as Vice Chair.


1981: Tonsured at Shaolin Temple; followed Abbot Xingzheng’s instructions and practiced Chan Buddhism with unremitting determinations.