The Religious Qualities of Shaolin Kungfu

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Shaolin Kungfu has different characteristics with other schools which is the combination of Chan(meditation) and Wu(martial arts): practice Kungfu with the heart of Chan and take Kungfu practice as one of means of Chan practice. The combination of Chan and Wu is the essence of Shaolin Kungfu practice.

Chan Buddhism stresses dharma practice in daily life and realizes the goal of learning Buddhism. The subject of Shaolin Kungfu practice is Chan practitioner. Heart of Chan promotes Wu and penetrates life with no barrier and no fear, which expresses the spirit of tremendous courage and wisdom. Chan gives Shaolin Kungfu richer content. Shaolin monks implements the spirit of Chan Buddhism’s Prajna into the process of Kungfu practice, which makes Shaolin Kungfu realize a situation that is hardly attainable for other schools and then develops unique religious qualities of Shaolin Kungfu that be able to improve man’s spirit. (From Words of Chan by Shi Yongxin)

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