Dharma of the Middle Way

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One night a shramana was reciting the Sutra Bequeathed by
Kashyapa Buddha. His tone was woeful and tense. Plagued by
doubts, he thought of abandoning the monastic life. The Buddha
asked him, “What did you do when you were a householder?” He 
The Sutra of Forty-Two Chapters
said, “I was fond of playing the lute.” The Buddha asked, “What
happens when the strings are too loose?” He replied, “There is no
sound.” “What happens when the strings are too taut?” He replied,
“The sound is discordant.” “What happens when the strings are
neither too loose nor too taut?” He replied, “All the sounds are in
The Buddha said, “It is the same when a shramana is practicing
the Way. If his mind is properly tuned, he will attain the Way. If
he pursues the Way too impetuously, his body will be weary. If
his body is weary, his mind will be vexed. If vexations arise, his
practice will regress. If his practice regresses, his faults will
increase. However, if he remains pure, serene, and joyful, he will
not lose the Way.” 

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