Compassion is Not Difficult

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Compassion is not difficult because dedication comes from empathy. The willingness of dedication is a manifestation of compassion. Compassion is the kind of practice that anyone can learn and carry out. As long as we possess the most basic conscience, we can turn it into selfless compassion gradually. With compassion being our only motivation, can we attain ‘Prajna Paramita’, the Perfection of Wisdom. Without it, it is impossible to attain the truth.


If we hope to attain a compassionate mind, we should observe things based on emptiness. We should always analyze ‘all Ddharma is emptiness’ and not become engulfed by attachment. By doing so, are we able to attain a state of perfect compassion and wisdom gradually. To attain permanent compassion is the only meaning for our lives.


From the standpoint of compassion, we should not hate even an evil person; on the contrary, we should have more pity for him or her. If we return evil to evil, then there will be no end to evil; an eye for an eye can never end hatred. Only by ceasing confrontation can we open our minds and see the crux of problems.


Longevity is not important. What is important is how many beings we can benefit during our life time. This is the question that we should be concerned about. We should take benevolence as longevity. With a benevolent and compassionate mind, we can transcend the attachment of longevity.


A compassionate mind is our most powerful Dharma protector. Compassionate minds are the foundation of all merits and wisdom and is where all virtues and merits exist.


In Buddha’s teachings, a compassionate mind is one of the most important features, as well as the compulsory courses for all Buddhist disciples. Compassion is a selfless great love that goes beyond the self.(By Master Haitao)



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