The Strength of Willpower

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Being extremely strict and demanding with himself, a practitioner would stay always alert to his behavioral decency and regularly have his moments of quiet introspection. He would always strictly review his every act, even his pettiest trivia, to detect any indecency there. Not even the vague emergence of a budding perverted idea he would let stray unchecked. Only in this way can a practitioner all-inclusively and unfailingly cultivate his moral purity and behavioral propriety, and in due course his progress made in self-cultivation would ready him for attainment of enlightenment. Such a process of self-cultivation, as is described here, is not so sophisticated or complicated as to utterly puzzle an average individual who tries to comprehend and follow it in practice. But to make up one’s mind to follow it unswervingly throughout one’s life presupposes an unusual adamancy of willpower. The crux of a practitioner’s attempt to put into practice such a guideline for self-cultivation as demands him to steer clear of all the possibilities which are to lure him into an evil practice and to strive to do anything that is beneficial to others so that he can purge his psyche of all the spiritual impurities is, after all, the strength of his willpower.(From My Heart My Buddha)


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