China Daily: Shaolin Warriors excites Dubai Opera crowds with Kung Fu performances

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The legendary Shaolin Warriors - The Kung Fu Masters on Tuesday night made their debut in the Gulf Arab region in Dubai's iconic Dubai Opera at the foot of the world's tallest tower Burj Khalifa, United Arab Emirates.

The spectacular production in partnership with Broadway Entertainment Group showcased punch performances, kicks and tumbles on the stage of the 2,000-seat multi-format Dubai Opera which opened in mid-2016 in Dubai's Downtown District, the heart of the Gulf Arab emirate.

The show will run through March 3, 2018.

Jasper Hope, Chief Executive at Dubai Opera, said "This is an incredible show with acrobatics, athleticism and agility that has to be seen to be believed - I am delighted we're able to welcome this extraordinary company to Dubai."

Direct from Shaolin, China, the birthplace of Kung Fu, Shaolin Warriors delivered a fully choreographed, theatrical production featuring rarely seen Buddhist meditation alongside deadly martial arts expertise.

Starring 21 Kung Fu masters, the breathtaking extravaganza is based on the journey of a young child's initiation to achieving fully fledged warrior status through diligent training.

Over the past sixteen years, Shaolin Warriors has become a worldwide sensation, performing to sell-out venues across the globe and captivating audiences with its awe-inspiring demonstrations of hypnotic and action-packed feats.

From balancing on sharp metal spears and smashing marble slabs with sheer strength, to the troupe's proficiency with 18 dangerous, traditional weapons, the mesmerising production is the ultimate display of theatre and deadly, physical prowess that will amaze both adults and children alike.

Liz Koops, Chief Executive Officer at Broadway Entertainment Group said "we are proud to continue our association with Dubai Opera and present one of the most spectacular displays of Kung Fu mastery Dubai has ever seen on stage."

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