Statement of Shaolin Europe Association

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In view of the negative reports on Shi Yongxin, abbot of China Songshan Shaolin Temple, on the Internet recently, Shaolin Europe Association, on behalf of all of its members, now issues the following statements:


1.Many negative reports on Master Shi Yongxin, such as he has the alleged mistresses, illegitimate children in Germany and private accounts, are totally baseless.


2.Master Shi Yongxin has spared no efforts to visit Europe with Shaolin delegation for spreading Shaolin culture for years, and he was beloved by European disciples for his great contributions in disseminating Shaolin culture.


3.Without Master Shi Yongxin's efforts, Chinese traditional culture, represented by Shaolin culture, can not develop so fast and get accepted by the mainstream society in Europe.


Shaolin Europe Association hopes that Chinese authorities can make a fair investigation into the relevant issues to ensure the positive development of Shaolin culture abroad.

                                                                                 Shaolin Europe Association
                                                                                        August 3, 2015

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