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For the purpose of improving the readability and content quality of the website, we sincerely invite you to give your valuable advice and suggestions. We are staff of Shaolin Temple's official website. Thank you for your concern and support for Shaolin Temple. We would like to take this opportunity to make a survey about our website and to improve our service. Please answer these questions as follows:
1.    Which section do you like most? Why?
2.    Which section you didn't like? Why?
3.    How often do you visit our website?
4.    What do we need to add on the website in your opinion?
5.    Welcome to point out various errors or mistakes such as grammatical mistake, lack of pictures and so on.
6.    Any other section or content that you think we need to improve.
My dear friends, Your advice and suggestions will be highly appreciated! Thank you in advance for your cooperation. Let’s share and enjoy the joy of Chan Buddhism and Shaolin culture together!
Please send email to shaolinsi495@126.com or write down your advice on the guestbook of the website. After receiving your advice, we will reply you as soon as we can.
Thank you very much!
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July 16, 2015



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