2015 Repentance Dharma Assembly of Shaolin Temple

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On May 30, 2015, as the 5th China Buddhism Medicine Summit Forum to be convened at Shaolin Pharmacy Bureau, Shaolin Temple decided to hold the seven-day Repentance Dharma Assembly (which is strated from May 30 to June 6).It aims at praying for world peace, a favorable weather, prosperity of our country and wellness of our people. People who attend this Repentance Dharma Assembly can ward off evil spirts and extend your lifespan, get peace and prosperity of family through praying and repentance. Worshipers can also chanting for the souls of your past relatives released from purgatory.

Shaolin Temple is looking forward to your participation in this great activity. People who want to attend this activity can contact with our Monastic Reception.

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