Shaolin Temple: The Launching Ceremony of Prayer Wheel for Tripitaka Copied by 10,000 People

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March 21,2015 falls on the second day of the second lunar month, known as Qinglong Festival, which is said to be the Dragon-Head-Raising Day and it is also a traditional Chinese folk festival. On that day, the launching ceremony of Prayer Wheel for Tripitaka Copied by 10,000 People will be officially held at Shaolin Temple, and Shaolin Temple is looking forward to your participation to obtain dharma joy together.

In order to ensure the quality of Tripitaka and the level of contemporary calligraphy, people who participate in the activity of copying the Tripitaka must write a roll of The Heart of Prajna Paramita Sutra according to the sample in small-size regular script with writing brush.

Specification of sample: 62.5cm long and 30cm wide of rice paper, 17characters per line.
Postal address: Prayer Wheel for Tripitaka Merits Committee of Shaolin Temple, Songshan, Dengfeng county, Henan province, China.

Recipient: Master. Shi Yanzhi

Applicants of this activity must enclose your real name, address and phone number in the letter, so as not to delay your registration process.


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