Statement of China Songshan Shaolin Temple

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Recently, the book “American Shaolin” published by Shanghai Translation Publishing House gave rise to misunderstanding and misreading in society. The publisher did not do their duty to the translation and proof-reading. The book not only confuses the relationship between Shaolin Temple and martial arts schools, but also confuses the relationship between monks and laymen. Before and after the book was published, the editor in charge never verified relevant information with Shaolin Temple. The media also incorrectly relayed the erroneous information, criticized Shaolin Temple and Shaolin monks without verifying. As a Buddhist monastery, Shaolin Temple objects to the commercial and entertainment exploitations conducted by any organization, individual and media in the name of Shaolin Temple and Buddhism. Such exploitations not only hurt religious feelings, damage Shaolin Temple’s legal interests, but also violate the provisions of the relevant laws and regulations in China.
We hereby declare as follows:
1. The existing martial arts club, martial arts center or martial arts school which were established in the name of Shaolin Temple or Kungfu monk have no membership with China Songshan Shaolin Temple. Shaolin Temple never recruits students from the society and Shaolin monks always abide by the commandments and disciplines of Shaolin Temple. The bad behaviors of the people of martial arts school has nothing to do with Shaolin Temple and Shaolin monks.
2. Over the years, Shaolin Temple repeatedly reported to related departments and clarified to the society that lots of people from martial arts school around Shaolin Temple often wear frocks and call themselves Shaolin monks. They founded martial arts class, Chan meditation class, Qi-gong class to cheat others.
3. There are always some illegal sites for religious activities such as Shifang Temple. Such sites did not register according to law and they have nothing to do with Shaolin Temple.
4. Shaolin Temple sticks to the concept of Buddhism. Shaolin Temple provides incenses for Buddhist devotees and pilgrims. Shaolin monks introduce and explain to the visitors for free. Every year, Shaolin Temple holds several freeing alive creatures rites which gain high praise from all circles. It is a good thing for the Buddhist devotees to be converted to Buddhism, so Shaolin Temple won’t charge any fees for such rites.
Hereby certified!
China Songshan Shaolin Temple
September 10, 2014

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