Buddha’s Enlightenment Day: Shaolin Serves the Masses Laba Porridge

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To mark the day of Buddha’s Enlightenment which fell on Monday January 1, 2012, Shaolin Temple held a solemn dharma assembly and chanted prayers in honor of the great benevolent teacher, Shakyamuni Buddha. Many Lay Buddhists, the devotees and visitors from home and abroad had come to participate and bathe in blessings and joy of dharma on this most auspicious occasion.



Every year on the 8th day of twelfth lunar month, which is usually at the beginning of January, Chinese observe the Laba festival by eating rice porridge. In fact, Laba Porridge was originally to celebrate the day when Sakyamuni attained enlightenment.

The earliest Buddhist sources state that Shakyamuni was very thin and weak from abstaining from food in the course of  practicing extreme austerity. At that time, a passing milkmaid offered him a bowl of rice gruel prepared with milk. After regaining some strength, he vowed not to get up from beneath a bodhi tree until he could find the way of Enlightenment. After cultivating for forty-nine days, he attained enlightened on the 8th day of twelfth lunar month.



To commemorate the event and also observe the tradition of eating Laba porridge, Shaolin Temple would prepare rice porridge cooked with secret recipe of Shaolin Pharmacy and offer to the devotees and visitors on that day. This year the temple, sub-temples and overseas cultural centers all held Laba Porridge activities and attracted visitors around the country and around the world.


In front of Shaolin Pharmacy, visitors queued up in long lines to enjoy a bowl of Laba porridge and share the joy with others.

Ven. Abbot Yongxin serve one African disciple bowls of Laba porridge.

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