The Shanghai Shaolin Kungfu Cultural Center Hosts the 2021 Chinese New Year Celebration about Shaolin Kungfu

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It was sunny and had a good breeze on the afternoon of Feb. 6, 2021. The Shanghai Shaolin Kungfu cultural center, located on Wudingxi road of Jingan area in Shanghai, successfully hosted the 2021 Chinese New Year celebration of Shaolin Kungfu with supports of local leaders as well as friends and students actively joining. 

There were lion dance, Kungfu show of children and adults, lighting blessing, culture bazaar and other ways of activities to pass best wishes for the new year. Shaolin culture and the lunar new year combined perfectly while the spot atmosphere was rose with keen cheers. People expressed their joys of the new year meanwhile hoping that the Shaolin Temple could set up Shaolin cultural centers in other areas and also sending best wishes to Shaolin Sangha.

Head of the center master Shi Yanan shared the purpose of the activity: spreading Shaolin culture’s spirit of integration, peace and compassion. The event fits the area that Shaolin Kungfu is a healthy lifestyle abbot Shi Yongxin advocates, and also displays the supreme charm of the traditional Chinese culture and Shaolin Kungfu. (Edited by Yanan and Ma Ang and photos by the Shanghai Shaolin Kungfu cultural center)

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