Celebrate the Double Festival of Mid-Autumn Festival and China’s National Day

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On Oct. 1, 2020, Shaolin monks gathered at the Gateway, raising the national flag and singing the national anthem to celebrate the birthday of our motherland.

At 6:30am, Shaolin monks lined up after morning reciting, gathering in the Gateway square of Shaolin Temple. The national flag guards of Shaolin Temple protected the national flag, coming out solemnly. In the robust song of the March of the Volunteers, Shaolin monks put their palms together devoutly and sang the national anthem following the melody meanwhile the five-star red flag rose in the sky of Shaolin Temple, waving in every one ’s heart.

Loving both motherland and religion is the historical tradition of Shaolin Temple while advocating the “Into the branch, into the community, into the internet and into class” is the interpretation of loving both motherland and religion of Shaolin Temple. Shaolin Temple has always adhered to launching patriotic education, promoting patriotism and strengthening the construction of morality and style through lectures on patriotism, policy course, traditional education and other ways. Shaolin Temple has always organized monks raising the national flag to cultivate monks’ patriotic enthusiasm and strengthen the mission of sangha benefiting sentient beings.

On the same day, Shaolin Temple’s sub-temples--Lanruo Temple in Zhoukou city, Yueshan Temple in Jiaozuo city and other temples also hosted the dharma assemble, the national flag raising ceremony and so on to celebrate the double festival--the Autumn Festival and the National day. (Photographed by master Yanyang, ZhaoYongjie, Yueshan Temple in Jiaozuo city, Lanruo Temple in Zhoukou city and edited by Yue Long)

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