Shaolin Disciples from around the World Banding Together to Fight the COVID-19 Being Honored on the China Charity Day

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On Sept. 4, 2020, in celebration activities of “converging great love and overcoming epidemic--China Charity Day” jointly sponsored by the China Charity Federation, People’s government commission of Henan Province and other 7 departments, Shaolin Temple was invited to send represents participating and receive the certificates of honor, to honor Shaolin Temple and overseas Shaolin cultural centers’  donations compassionately and bravely during outbreaks.

When COVID-19 epidemic just broke out on January, 2020, Shi Yongxin, abbot of Shaolin Temple, took the lead in donations immediately. All masters of the whole temple, masters, disciples and students of all sub-temples and overseas Shaolin cultural centers, with a hundred responses to a call, actively participated in donations, supporting hospitals’ anti-epidemic and protection in areas of the domestic badly affected by the outbreak; when epidemic at home stabilized, immediately responded to help asked by hospitals, nursing homes and others of cities in Italy, and purchased medical surgical masks, which were delivered to these to beneficiaries through local Shaolin cultural centers, breaking through various barriers.

During the epidemic of COVID-19, Shaolin Temple and overseas Shaolin disciples donated 13 batches of medical supplies to hospitals in areas of the outbreak through the Henan Charity Federation, in total of 1,114,551 yuan. In addition, domestic sub-temples and overseas Shaolin disciples donated over 390,000 yuan of medical supplies to hospitals in more than ten cities and counties at home through the China Charity Federation and all levels of charity organizations; donated medical supplies of more than 320,000 yuan to hospitals and nursing homes of 7 countries and 15 cities in Europe, North America, South Asia, etc, through express delivery or overseas Shaolin cultural centers.

At the commendation meeting of charity, Zheng Gongcheng, vice president of the Central Committee of China Democratic League, president of the China Association of Social Security and vice president of the China Charity Federation, delivered a keynote speech under the title of “The Development Direction of China Charity”. Kong Dongmei, director of the Dongrun Foundation, shared the theme of “Cooperation Practice of the Government and the Social Organization in Social Governance”. Representatives of Henan province’s first doctors and nurses affectionately narrated their past experiences fighting on the anti-epidemic front line. The China Charity Federation issued certificates of honor to basic workers of charity organizations from around the country, caring enterprises, caring entrepreneurs and representatives of brand management and operation agencies of the China Charity Federation. (Photographed by master Yanchong and edited by Zou Xiang)

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