The National Flag of Shaolin Temple Is Lowered to Half-mast for Commemorating Those Succumbed to COVID-19 in the Tomb Sweeping Day of Gengzi Year

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On April 4, 2020, to commemorate martyrs and countrymen succumbed to COVID-19, China Songshan Shaolin Temple answered our country’s call and flied the flag at half-mast to honor heroes and express our condolences to lost countrymen.

An unexpected novel coronavirus epidemic wreak havoc across the world over the past months. Under the CPC and the State Council’s guidance, people all over the country are united as one meanwhile countless beautiful recessive men risked their lives to work on the front line of combating, preventing and controlling pandemic day and night.

Shaolin Temple’s flag guards upheld the national flag walking into the square of the Gateway in Shaolin Temple at 7am. Abbot Yongxin led monastics in line, solemnly watching the national flag rising in the morning. After rising to the flap pole for few seconds, the national flag was flied at half-mast by the guard under the gaze of all the people silently. Shaolin monks put their palms together devoutly to pray and express their condolences to countrymen sacrificed in the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Shaolin Temple beat the drum to express condolences to the dead.

After the outbreak emerged, Shaolin Temple cooperates with other departments to actively make prevention and control measures for the novel coronavirus pandemic and raised millions of supplies all over the world to support disaster areas meanwhile shrines were set up at the Mahavero Hall to pray for the country and people. It is hoped the outbreak will end soon. (Edited by Master Yanyang, Yue Long and photographed by Master Yandian, Yue Long, Chao Yongjie and Li Fangjie)

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