Shaolin Monks Worship Ancestors to Cherish the Memory of Founders of All Dynasties in the Tom-Sweeping Day

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Sweeping pagodas to cherish the memory of sages in the Tom-Sweeping Day whose merits and virtues always benefits me. On Mar. 24, 2020, to be thankful for all Buddhas and Bodhisattva of ten directions as well as founders of all dynasties, China Songshan Shaolin Temple hosted the sacrifice-offering assemble for ancestors worship in the Tom-Sweeping Day.

The tradition of ancestor worship has a long history. Its significance lies in teaching people to remember roots and inspiring later generations to has the concepts of gratitude and filial piety. One of four thanksgivings in Buddhism is to repay teachers. Buddhist Sangha chanted sutra, offered sacrifice, swept pagodas to remember ancestors’ merits and virtues. Shaolin Temple always followed the old tradition to organize monks and lay Buddhists to sweep pagodas for worship in the Pagoda Forest during the Tomb-Sweeping Day every year. 

The Pagoda Forest is notably peaceful, quiet and solemn during the Tom-sweeping Day. At 6:30am, after the morning reciting, master Yongxin, abbot of Shaolin Temple, led monastics to the Pagoda Forest to sweep pagodas for worship. Abbot Yongxin presided over the dharma assembly. Monastics devoutly chanted mahayana sutras, sung praise to Buddhas, offered sacrifice for worship, hung strings of paper and burned gold foil paper. Abbot Yongxin swept dust and offered sacrifice, remarked grace of ancestors and expressed endless gratitude for ancestors, delivering the merits and virtues to Brightness of Buddhism, permanence of Buddhist dharma, world peace, prosperity and safety of the country and good weather for the crops. Meanwhile wish the outbreak will end soon.

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