Shaolin Temple’s Sub-Temple Jiaozuo Yueshan Temple Organizes Monastics Donating for the Epidemic Prevention Efforts

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Since the novel coronavirus epidemic broke out, Shaolin Temple’s sub-temple--Jiaozuo Yueshan Temple actively responds to the government’s call that locking down the temple, practice and setting the mind at rest under the leadership of abbot, master Yanbao, according to the unified deployment of abbot Yongxin of Shaolin Temple.

To fully implement the epidemic prevention, the temple demands that monastics must learn related knowledge and regulations, resolutely preventing all factors which may cause the epidemic. Meanwhile the temple often organizes monks to farm land or do farm work outdoor for self-sufficiency and strengthening body and mind.

The temple also gathered disciples to make donations for the epidemic prevention efforts in a total of 7,970 yuan aid the outbreak. ( Edited by Zou Xiang and pictures from Jiaozuo Yueshan Temple)

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