The Whole People Combating the Outbreak and Shaolin People in Action

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To respond to the call that the whole people prevent the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, Shaolin Temple has closed its all channels since January 23, 2020, implementing the closed management; Shaolin monks are forbidden to go out, attend events, go home to visit family and so on; those monks who have already went out for some reason will not be allowed to return.

In the face of the situation that some domestic medical supplies are remarkably scarce, abbot Yongxin calls on Shaolin disciples from around the world as well as overseas Shaolin cultural centers to purchase prevention and control supplies by legal means in local areas including N95 mask, protective clothing, disposable surgical mask, protective face mask, goggles and so on.

According to incomplete statistics, overseas Shaolin cultural centers including Shaolin Cultural Center of Canada, Indonesia Shaolin Xiu Center and so on, successively donating multiple medical supplies at home.

According to information published by the National Religious Affairs Administration, Shaolin Temple donates around 1000,000 protective masks, embodying Shaolin monks’ original intention and nature of loving both motherland and religion, glorifying the country and benefiting sentient beings. (Edited by Zou Xiang and pictures from overseas Shaolin cultural centers)

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