Shaolin Temple California Holds the Spring Festival Celebrations

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During the 2020 Spring Festival, Shaolin Temple California Chinese New Year celebrations including the New Year prayer, Kungfu performance at local primary and secondary schools, the Chinese New Year celebrations at the Huntington Library, a famous tourism place in USA and so on.

Shi Yanxu, head of the Shaolin Temple California, said that as the Shaolin culture being introduced into Los Angeles, broad and profound Shaolin culture has attracted increasing attention, being favored by increasing local people. During the Spring Festival, many community groups scrambled to invite the Shaolin Temple California attending the festival celebrations.

At COVID-19 epidemic raging, Shaolin Temple California also hosted the sole blessing prayer to release from the virus soon and for safety and prosperity of the country and good weather for the crops. (Edited by Zou Xiang and photographed by Shaolin Temple California)

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