Shaolin Monks Raising the National Flag on the First Day of the Chinese Lunar Month

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On January 25, 2020, or the first day of the Chinese lunar month in Gengzi Year, Shaolin monks offered sacrifice and raised the national flag, praying for safety and prosperity of the country, a good weather for the crops as well as that people release from sufferings and have a harmony, peaceful life.

Loving both motherland and religion, and protecting the country and people are millennium customs of Shaolin Temple. Shaolin monks hosted the blessing prayer in the Sutra-Keeping Pavilion under the leadership of abbot Yongxin on the first day of the Chinese lunar month.

The Shaolin scenic spot are temporarily closed to the outside because of serious epidemic status. Visitors are declined to visit Shaolin Temple. Shaolin monks gathered in front of the Gateway, holding the flag raising-up ceremony at 7 o’clock. The Five-Starred Red Flag was flying in the sky of Shaolin Temple. Shaolin monks sang the national anthem together, full of the thoughts of both loving motherland and religion in their hearts. Standing under the national flag , Shaolin monks prayed together that the masses will overcome the disaster and outbreaks early, have good health meanwhile our country is thriving and prospering.

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