Austrian Shaolin Cultural Center Hosts the New Year Praying Assembly and Art Performances

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On January 25, 2020, or the first day of the Chinese lunar month, at 10am, Austrian Shaolin Cultural Center gathered with students of the cultural center, Chinese overseas students, local friends, or so hundreds of people that burned incense and worshiped Buddha, praying that the epidemic situation of China and the world will soon come to an end, and patients recover as early as possible. Secretary-general of the Buddhist Association of Austria Heinz Vettermann was present as the representative of the association, wishing that the event a complete success and outbreaks around the world will soon come to an end.

Then students of the center gave a wonderful Shaolin Kungfu performance, winning cheers and appraise. Chinese and overseas Chinese in Austria brought a colorful dance performance for people. During the time, Yanquan conveyed Master Yanliang’s message and wishes.

After that, everyone gathered together to celebrate the Chinese New Year, taste delicious food and Chan tea, appreciated the photo show about Shaolin culture and the Shaolin Kungfu documentary, experiencing traditional Chinese culture and the spirit of Shaolin culture. (Edited by Zou Xiang and pictures from the Austrian Shaolin Cultural Center)

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