Shaolin Temple Ushering the Spring Festival in Gengzi Year

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January 24, 2020 is the traditional New Year’s eve in China. Shaolin monks posted New Year couplets, worshiped ancestors, stayed up, stroke the bell and blessed by tradition, celebrating the Chinese New Year together under the leadership of abbot Yongxin.

Based on experience in previous years, there will be a lot of visitors and believers on eve in Shaolin Temple. As novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreaks are grim, to cooperate fully with disease defense, decrease staff gathering and make sure that the masses spend a peaceful, stable Spring Festival, Shaolin Temple has been temporarily closed to visitors. Shaolin monks are also prohibited to go downhill.

Abbot Yongxin guided Shaolin monks to offer sacrifice and pray for world peace, safety and prosperity of the country, a good weather for the crops as well as permanence of Buddhist dharma, blessing the staff of front line preventing from the contraction of a disease.

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