Shaolin Temple Cultural Center Spain Launches Shaolin Life Experience Activities

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On January 18, 2020, Shaolin Temple Cultural Center Spain launched the 1st Shaolin life experience activities. 20 students from Spain actively joined it, enjoying Shaolin culture of the unity of Chan (meditation) and Wu (martial arts).

20 Students learned Shaolin Chan cultivation, Qi Gong, Kungfu routines and so on under the guidance of heads of the Shaolin cultural center Shi Yanya and Guillem González. During the period, Master Shi Yanya gave a dharma teaching for students, preaching the truth and daily practice of Buddhism. The event lasted for more than 10 hours. Students expressed they benefited a lot from it.

According to information, Master Shi Yanya traveled thousands of miles to Shaolin Temple for the Three Ordination Platforms precept in 2016. He returned home to propagate Buddhist culture and Shaolin culture after receiving full ordination. The event is the first experience activities of Shaolin Temple Cultural Center Spain that will continue launching similar activities in future, making local people be able to enjoy dharma joy and and good health that Shaolin lifestyle brings. (Edited by Faxi)

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