SKZ’s Shaolin Heart and Soul In-House Tournament

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On January 26, 2020, we held our SKZ In-House tournament. Our total number of competitors had reached roughly 50 students with a total of 150 forms. 

Every student left home with at least one medal and we had passed out a total of 4 Grand Champion trophies to the highest performing students of each division starting from Intermediate level and higher.

Most competitors were able to go home with satisfied expressions on their faces. Some may have been disappointed with their results but it is a very important part of their growth.

More is learned from a loss than from a win. This is why even if some students may not have won first place or any trophies, they’ll still have obtained more experience and knowledge than if they had won.

What’s important now is how they will use this knowledge and experience from now on,

How people threw themselves into it. How people pushed themselves. How they prepared. Built a sense of community and encouraged one another. Built an internal shaolin spirit.

SKZ Students and judges attend the inaugural Shaolin KungFu Zen In-House Tournament!

Rings One and Two are prepared for the attendance of all beginner, intermediate, and advanced competitors.

Competitors and judges enter the studio in designated lines, whilst cheerful fanfare plays as a welcoming.

A heartfelt moment as spectators and athletes place their hands on their hearts, in honor of the national anthem.

Participant Isabella C, announces the athletes pledge, and Vandan announces the judges pledge, as performers repeat the words.

International Wushu Sanshou Dao Association Representative Anthony give SKZ a Certificate in Wishes for Success.

First Degree Black Belt judge and athlete, Ethan Carr performs team eagle claw, wowing the audience.

Judges scoring the performances.

The stands proud before the judges.

Athletes and audience are impressed by the pre-competition performance.

Competitors stand together and bow.

Intermediate level group awarded and congratulated by the judges

Advanced team showing off their medals and trophies

Intermediate level team 1 on the pedestals

Intermediate level team 2 on the pedestals

Advanced level awards

Black belt performers stand and enjoy the glory of their success.

As a reward for his magnificent performance, Grand Champion Vandan accepts the $200 prize from judge professor Xiao. (Andy Ye shifu’s teacher from the wuhan sports university.)

The black belt competitors encouraged each other during their performances and shared their joy at their achievements.

Everyone at Shaolin Kungfu Zen was honored to participate and achieve their best.

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