The 1st Period Training Class of Shaolin Kungfu Grading Test System Graduating Successfully

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From Dec 27 to 30, 2019, a total of 174 Shaolin Kungfu practitioners finished their junior Shaolin Kungfu learning among whom 158 students passed the exam of the Shaolin Kungfu test committee. Shaolin Temple’s abbot Yongxin issued Shaolin Kungfu junior certificates to the 158 students becoming the first certifiers of Shaolin Kungfu grading test globally on the morning of Dec 30.

The 1st Period Training Class of Shaolin Kungfu Grading Test Kicking Off

On Dec 27, the 1st period training class of Shaolin Kungfu grading test kicked off in the Shaolin Friendship school. People participated in the opening ceremony including venerable master Yongxin, dean of the martial arts school of Henan University Professor Hong Hao, monastic manager of Shaolin Temple master Yankai, head of the Shaolin Kungfu Monk Corps Yanti, Ph. D. supervisor of Chengfu Sport University professor Chen Zhenyong, executive vice president of the Tai Chi culture academy of Henan University professor Tian Wenbo, professor Xu Gang from the college of fine arts of Henan University as well as all teachers and students of the 1st period training class of Shaolin Kungfu grading test.

At the opening ceremony, abbot Yongxin shared the dependent origination of the Shaolin Kungfu grading test with everyone: Shaolin Kungfu is the first batch of state-level intangible cultural heritage and is part of the outstanding traditional culture of the Chinese nation and is well appreciated by people. Shaolin Kungfu has been spread and carried forward over decades abroad, being loved and recognized by more and more people around the world. According to incomplete statistics, over millions of people learned Shaolin Kungfu around the world. To inherit Shaolin Kungfu well, improve human health and make people learn Shaolin Kungfu scientifically and systematicall, Shaolin Temple organized related monks to work with experts and scholars for intensive study and repeated discussion, launching the Shaolin Kungfu Grading Test.

Training of the Grading Test--Theory and Techniques’ co-requisite

The Shaolin Kungfu Grading Test is taken as the standard of Kungfu practice for learners, aiming to establish standardization and normalization of Shaolin Kungfu grading test technical system and promote the propagation of Shaolin Kungfu abroad as well as the realization of carrying forward traditional Chinese culture and health services for people in the world. The Shaolin Kungfu grading test is divided as dan grading, quality grading and honorary ranking. Each quality grading is divided into three grades again. Both dan grading and quality grading have strict assessment standard of theory and techniques. After success audit, applicants will receive the correspondent certificate, badge, belt and clothing issued by the Shaolin Kungfu grading test institute.

The 1st training class of Shaolin Kungfu grading test invited many experts and scholars taught about training of action, breath, phonation and so on, but also imparted knowledge about the history, value and Shaolin Kungfu grading test as well as Shaolin Kungfu concepts, martial arts discipline and so on, which helped students comprehensively and thoroughly understand that Shaolin Kungfu is not the general school or boxing style, but an extensive and profound martial arts system.

On Dec 28, venerable master Yongxin visited Shaolin Friendship school to know students’ training process and ask difficulties in Kungfu study, saying that Shaolin Kungfu learns widely from others’ strong points and has formed its own unique style and characteristic during the long historical process. So far people practice Shaolin Kungfu and various schools also have their own unique style. Shaolin Kungfu grading test system combines the essence of traditional Shaolin Kungfu sets with general martial arts characteristics spread widely to develop the normative action and sets. Venerable abbot Yongxin encouraged students to master Shaolin Kungfu’s characteristics and also preserve their own style.

The Honourable Grading Test Awarded--the Official Shaolin Kungfu Certification

On Dec 30, the 1st period students of Shaolin Kungfu grading test gathered in Shaolin Temple. Abbot Yongxin himself issued certificates to them in front of the Abbot Hall.

Students participated in the event including not only Shaolin Kungfu monks and Kungfu coaches who have practiced Kungfu over many years, but also Kungfu lovers with the basic of Shaolin Kungfu as well as overseas Shaolin Kungfu practitioners. In the awarding ceremony, abbot Yongxin said everyone should take more efforts to devote themselves to Shaolin Kungfu practice, propagate Shaolin Kungfu and promote the Shaolin Kungfu grading test system, making more Shaolin Kungfu practitioners have a basis to learn and follow the documented process to teach.

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