A Delegation Led by Shi Yongxin Visits Austrian Shaolin Cultural Center for Communication and Guiding Work

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On Dec 21 at 6:05am, a delegation led by Venerable Master Shi Yongxin, abbot of Shaolin Temple, arrived in Vienna, Austria, receiving the worship from head of the Austrian Shaolin Cultural Center Master Yanliang, Yanguan and other disciples. The disciples sent him a bunch of flowers to welcome the arrival of Master Shi Yongxin.

At 10am, abbot Yongxin was invited to meet professor Kaminsky, executive vice chairman Austria China Friendship Association. Professor Kaminsky welcomed the arrival of Abbot Yongxin and expressed admiration on the propagation of Shaolin culture around the world under the leadership of Abbot Shi Yongxin. He also said that his son Tianyou is a follower of Shaolin culture. He has followed Master Yanliang to practice Kungfu in the Austrian Shaolin Cultural Center for many years and has been to experience a 2-week Shaolin culture in Shaolin Temple, harvesting abundant. Abbot Yongxin expressed thanks for the association’s invitation and Professor Kaminsky and his wife’s warm reception. He said that Shaolin Temple has more than 200 Shaolin cultural centers around the world, with thousands of people practicing Shaolin Kungfu and learning Shaolin culture. Shaolin Temple’s healthy and harmony lifestyle takes the fancy of more and more people. Both sides exchanged gifts with each other before their separation.

On the afternoon of December 21, former Austrian president and president of Austria-China Friendship Association Fischer warmly received the group led by Abbot Shi Yongxin at home in Vienna. The president’s wife cooked Christmas cookies and Viennese coffee to receive the faraway guests with the utmost hospitality. Fischer followed with strong interest knowing about Shaolin Temple’s history and the current status. Abbot Yongxin introduced Shaolin Temple’s history and the origin and development of Chan culture to the old president in a brief word. Both sides also joyfully discussed the similarities and differences of culture and religion between the east and the west. Abbot Yongxin invited the Fischers to visit Shaolin Temple at their convenience, experiencing Shaolin Chan culture personally. Both sides finally exchanged gifts and took group photos to mark the occasion.

On December 22 at 10am, the delegation led by Abbot Yongxin arrived at the Austrian Shaolin Cultural Center and met with students and their parents from the center, giving a dharma teaching. He said that Shaolin culture is the very communication of civilization. As the ancient monastery of Chan sect, Shaolin Temple started from Bodhidharma’s sailing trips to China preaching dharma to Chan culture’s interacting and mingling with Chinese Confucianism and Taoism, which finally developed local Chan culture in China. Chan culture has been spread from China to Japan, Korea and then European countries and regions, having become the most popular cultural form in the world. Shaolin culture influences the whole world when it is spread globally. The culture promoting mental and physical health is welcomed and enjoyed by groups from different religions, different races and different cultures. Then abbot Yongxin affirmed the great development of the Austrian Shaolin Cultural Center with the help and support of the Chinese Embassy in Austria, overseas Chinese people as well as local governments and friendly personage. He also hoped that people could be more diligent to learn Shaolin culture well, build up their body and develop the good spirit. After that, abbot Yongxin took people’s questions and answered each question. Finally, students from the Shaolin cultural center gave the Shaolin Kungfu performance. After watching the performance, abbot Yongxin said: “You have a good Shaolin Kungfu foundation and good vigor. Some of you can be comparable with Shaolin Kungfu monks. Here I invite everyone could be back home, personally experiencing Chan Wu culture, Chan culture, Chan Yi culture and so on in Shaolin Temple.” People echoed Abbot Yongxin’s remarks with warm applause.

On Dec 23 the delegation led by abbot Yongxin left Austria for home. The visit tour was short. Austrian friendly personnel, overseas Chinese and so on hoped that Abbot Yongxin could lead a group visiting Austria to sponsor more excellent cultural exchange programs. (Edited by Zou Xiang and pictures from the Austrian Shaolin Cultural Center)

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