Cologne Shaolin Cultural Center in Germany Hosts a 2-Day Public Lecture on Chan Practice Successfully

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To carry forward Shaolin culture better, abbot of Shaolin Temple venerable Master Shi Yongxin sent master Yanliang, head of the Austrian Shaolin Cultural Center, to the Cologne Shaolin Cultural Center to hold a 2-day public lecture for local Shaolin culture lovers and center’s students, sharing Shaolin Temple’s supreme internal strength--Shaolin marrow-cleared method of Yi Jin Jing, which was received well and favored.

On the morning of December 14, Master Shi Yanliang gave a lecture on Chan cultivation in Germany that more than 120 spectators attended. Master Shi Yanliang, with the simple language and the proper metaphor, explained “what is Chan”, “how to keep right mindfulness” and “how to integrate Chan into mind and life”. He mentioned, “living in the present moment is Chan Buddhism as well as walking and sitting are Chan Buddhism”. Shaolin Kungfu is real “the unity of Chan and Wu as well as the cultivation internally and externally”.

At 2pm the same day, Master Shi Yange from Shaolin Temple displayed wonderful Kungfu performance in violin after the lecture on Chan cultivation by Shi Yanliang. Violin’s rising and falling as well as couple hardness with softness of Shaolin Kungfu developed unique visual impact and auditory effect rocking the house.

On December 15, master Shi Yanliang taught people how to sit in meditation and Shaolin Temple’s supreme internal strength--the marrow-cleared method of Shaolin Yi Ji Jing. The method could help dredge meridians, purify mind and calm the heart. Everyone benefited a lot under the master’s patient explanation and guidance.

The 2-day lecture on Chan cultivation received praise from local Shaolin disciples and overseas Chinese. People expressed they should bring right wisdom and right mindfulness to live a life and real Chan cultivation is boundless and has no desire through lectures. “Only we live in the present moment and maintain peace of mind, which could make life full of joys.”(Edited by Zou Xiang and pictures from the Cologne Shaolin Cultural Center in Germany)

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