A 8-Memeber Delegation of Cologne Shaolin Cultural Center in Germany Studying and Experiencing at Shaolin Temple for Two Weeks

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On July 14 to 27, 2019, under the leadership of Yanpo, head of the Cologne Shaolin Cultural Center in Germany, made a pilgrimage to Shaolin Temple and experienced the monastic life, Chan cultivation, martial arts practice, recites, Chan medicine, etc. The heart was full of dharma joy and reaped no little benefit.

The eldest is 45 and the youngest is 12 among the 8 members of the Cologne Shaolin Cultural Center, including the doctor, psychological counselor, engineer, trainer and other professions. During the 2-week Shaolin culture and monastic life experience, they think the healthy lifestyle of Shaolin Temple is worth learning and emulating. Lam Win See is a psychological doctor, saying that people’s work stress cause their irregular diet, disorder of regular life and poor health. If Shaolin Chan cultivation can be used in everyday life and some time is taking off to sit in meditation and contemplate each day, there will be able to improve and increase mankind’s health level.

Karatzas Michael is a teacher providing special training for nurses. This is his second time to Shaolin Temple for worship and study. He came here together with Master Yanpo last year. In addition to broad and profound cultural accumulation, he thinks the reason why Shaolin Temple can become famous at home and abroad also covers orderly inheritance as well as compassion, equality, integrate harmony, concordance and other concepts carried forward through the two-time study and experience at close range. He said that he would propagandize Shaolin culture to side person and bring his friends to Shaolin Temple continuing to study and experience next year after returning home.

At the time of parting, abbot of Shaolin Temple Venerable Shi Yongxin gave a dharma teaching, hoping they could use some healthy lifestyle and concepts in daily life to gain physical and mental harmony and health. He wished that in Shaolin Temple everybody could make themselves at home, welcome to come back to this family full of happiness and harmony anytime. (Edited by Zou Xiang and photos from the Cologne Shaolin Cultural Center)

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