Offering Incense and Water Purification of the Water and Land Dharma Function in Shaolin Temple in Jihai Year

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“The dharma won’t appear by itself and all dharmas arise through causes or conditions; whether the Way is real, it will reflect the power under the causes or conditions.” On May 12, 2019, to benefit the living, the deceased and sentient beings, China Songshan Shaolin Temple initiated a 7-day Water and Land Dharma Function and pray for world peace, good weather for the crops, prosperity, people’s well-being and permanence of dharma; wish benefactors and believers eliminating disasters and extending life, family peace and all the best; release generations of ancestors, in-law and clan relatives, karmic creditors for many generations, infant spirits and others from suffering to the state of paradise.

At 2pm, offering incense and water purification ceremony of the Water and Land Dharma Function in Shaolin Temple in Jihai Year was held at the Mahaviro Hall (the Emperor Liang Repentance Shrine), presiding over by three masters. In the Emperor Liang Repentance Shrine, more than 200 of monks and believers chanted solemnly the Great Compassion Mantra in chorus. Buddha sounds lingered in the air, bravely and solemnly.

As Praise to Buddhas as well as burning incense and worship Buddha started, all vegetarian hosts invited Master Yongfu, Master Yankang and Master Mingzhen to offer incense and water purification. Masters presiding over the assembly held a mercy bottle with a willow branch in it, walking around shrines and purifying the Sutras Shrine, the Nengyan Shrine and other shrines as well as outside and inside of the temple. Merits and virtues through Chanting sutras, kowtowing and confession were transferred for peace and prosperity, good weather for the crops. The living received wealth and fortune and extended life meanwhile the deceased released themselves from the suffering and gained happiness. The solemn ceremony took about two hours.

At 6:30pm, masters of all halls gathered at the Dining Hall chanting the Diamond Sutra.

The Water and Land Dharma Function was divided into the Inner Shrine and the Outer Shrine. Dharma events based on the Inner Shrine arranged with flowers, lamps and kindles. The Outer Shrine included six shrines: the Emperor Liang Repentance Shrine (the Great Shrine), the Sutras Shrine, the Lotus Shrine, the Pure Land Shine, the Huayan Shrine and the Nengyan Shrine.

The Water and Lang Dharma Function’s full name is the “Universal Deliverance and Grand Feast Assembly for All Sages, and Sentient Beings gathering from the Water and Land Realms of Dharma Realms”. The event is one of the most solemn dharma assembly among repentance ceremonies of Buddhism. It has an over 1500-year history so far. The Water and Land Dharma Function covers the Inner Shrine, the Emperor Liang Repentance (the Great Shrine), the Pure Land Shrine, the Huayan Shrine, the Nengyan Shrine, the Lotus Shrine and the Sutras Shrine in total of seven shrines. There are also chanting sutra, repentance, inviting saints, offering sacrifice to heaven, releasing captive animals, setting Yoga firemouth (Yankou), prayers to universal Buddhas, explaining precepts of the nether world, the convoy ceremonies for the saints and other Buddhist rites. During the event, hundreds of monks chanted sutra at shrines of all halls in turn and offered sacrifice and repentance, which took seven days and nights to deliver generous charity to the realms of existence. (Edited by Master Yanyang, Zou Xiang, Yue Long and Zhang Hailong)

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