Head of Orange County Shaolin Temple Cultural Center Shi Yanqing Invited to Deliver a Speech on Shaolin Culture

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On Mar. 12, 2019, local time, invited by Dr Mugdha, professor of department of Religion of California State University, head of Orange County Shaolin Temple Cultural Center Shi Yanqing went to California State University, Fullerton, delivering a speech on Shaolin culture entitled “core values of Shaolin Chan Wu Yi”, which received a warm welcome from school leaders, students and teachers.



In lecture, Shi Yanqing described the fundamental content of Shaolin Chan (meditation), Wu (martial arts) and Yi (medicine) and talked about that Shaolin Temple is the ancestral monastery of Chan sect, holy land of Kungfu and medical professions of Buddhism. He mentioned that Shaolin culture is the unity of Chan, Wu and Yi whose production and developing process is a journey that Buddhist culture and traditional Chinese culture mutually integrated with world culture, reflecting ideas of traditional Chinese culture cover “universal brotherhood” and “harmony”. At the end of the speech, Shi Yanqing said that, “I believe, under the nurture of Shaolin Chan Wu Yi culture, everyone could be able to obtain the abundance of heart, physical and mental health and values and mural cultivation.”



After listening to the lecture, teachers and students on-site successively expressed that Shaolin culture is the most valuable treasure of mankind. Its propagation and spread in local areas could benefit the public. They also hoped to be able to visit China Songshan Shaolin Temple at the right time.



California State University is the largest public university all over America (holding 23 branch schools). CSUF is not only a famous public teaching university of America, but also a world’s top public comprehensive university, having well-known professors, outstanding students and multicultural community environment and also enjoying a high academic reputation in the world. (Edited by Zou Xiang and photos by Orange County Shaolin Temple Cultural Center)


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