Italy Shaolin Fist Union Holds Shaolin Kungfu Test Activities

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On March 10, 2019, local time Italy Shaolin Fist Union held the “Shaolin Kungfu test and the 2rd anniversary of Mr. Luigi Amadio’s death” activities at Rome Rehabilitation Center. In 2018, Shi Yanhui, head of Italy Shaolin Fist Union sponsored that Shaolin Kungfu test and the anniversary of Mr. Luigi Amadio activities would be held simultaneously each year.



During the event, Shaolin Kungfu test was held in the morning and performances for the anniversary of Mr. Luigi Amadio and the award ceremony in the afternoon. The guests included vice president of CONI Lazio region Ms Giovanni Malago appointed by President Ms Giovanni Malago Giovanni Malago of Italian Olympic Committee, President of Fundazione Santa Lucia rehabilitation center of Rome Ms Maria Adriana Amadio, deputy director of Italian state TG2 Mr. Giovanni Alibrandi, medical professor Vicenzo Maria Saraceni, president of China Soong Ching Ling Foundation in Italy Ms Jin Hui, president of Italian Chinese Business Association Mr. Hong Senmiao, president of FHISIOLIF University Mr. Alfredo Pizzoli, honorary president of Overseas Chinese Association in Italy Mr. Chen Shaomin, president of Wenzhou Industry and Business Association Mr. Wang Shaohua, vice chairman of European Chinese Belt and Road International Association Mr. Huang Hezhong, manager of Italian branch of China Southern Airlines Mr. Tian Wei and so on.




The host introduced the value of this activity in Chinese and Italian respectively before the event. Then Shi Yanhui conveyed Abbot Shi Yongxin’s greetings and wishes to people in Chinese and Italian respectively and hoped that everyone would be able to achieve good results in the Kungfu test. After that the whole audience stood in silent tribute one minute for Mr. Luigi Amadio.



Students who attended the Kungfu test came from Florence, Bologna, MODENNA, Rome and other cities. Those students who came from afar arrived in Rome one day in advance. The youngest student who participated in the Kungfu test is only 5 years old and the oldest is over 60. Students attending the test meticulously displayed Shaolin Kungfu that they studied. The movements were coordinated, standard and flexible with a warm and harmonious atmosphere.





During his lifetime, Mr. Luigi Amadio was president of Fundazione Santa Lucia rehabilitation center and also a Shaolin Kungfu lover. The hospital consists of neurological rehabilitation institute and Italy’s top national rehabilitation hospital that has been working on study and practice in neurological rehabilitation. All along, Mr. Luigi Amadio hoped that there would be a way to be able to combine essence of traditional Chinese medicine and modern western medicine, learn from each other in therapy and physical therapy to reduce patients’ pain and accelerate their rehabilitation. Therefore Mr. Luigi Amadio cooperated with Italy Shaolin Fist Union to introduce Shaolin Chan (meditation), Wu (martial arts) and Yi (medicine) culture. He had been committed to propagation and promotion of Shaolin Chan Wu Yi in Italy, making Chan Wu Yi culture used in therapy and physical therapy.

Mr. Luigi Amadio was also a devout Buddhist during his lifetime. He visited China Songshan Shaolin Temple together with Yanhui every year and sited in meditation for one month to study Shaolin meditation practice.




In the afternoon commemoration, students from Italy Shaolin Fist Union performed wonderful Shaolin Kungfu, which won applause and cheers from audience. At the end of the event, local overseas Chinese leaders gave away medals and cups to students. President of China Soong Ching Ling Foundation in Italy Ms Jin Hui said that, “we are obligated to help Italy Shaolin Fist Union make Shaolin culture benefit more people in Italy.”




During the event, Shi Yanhui gave away memorable certificates to Giovanni Alibrandi, deputy director of Italian national state TG2 and Maria Adriana, president of Fundazione Santa Lucia rehabilitation center in Rome, to thanks them for their great support to Shaolin culture. They successively expressed that, “the treasure of Shaolin culture should make more people found out and learned and benefit from it. We will continue to make it our mission to carry forward Shaolin culture.” (Edited by Zou Xiang and photos by Italy Shaolin Fist Union)


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