230 Students of the United Studio of Self Defense Have a Successful Completion in the Shaolin Temple

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On July 3, 2018, at 9:00 am, head of the United Studio of Self Defense led 230 overseas disciples to the Abbot Hall to line up to worship. The Great Monk Yongxin witnessed and issued course-completion certificates to students. The applause broke out and was full of Dharma joy on the scene.

The Great Monk Yongxin said that, “the United worshiped the Ancestral Monastery of the Shaolin Temple. The United Studio of Self Defense has made a lot of efforts for the health of the public and made a great contribution to carrying forward Shaolin culture overseas, which is the love of the Shaolin Kungfu and the respect and recognition of the Shaolin culture. Shaolin culture is extensive and profound. It is praiseworthy for 230 students to associate with the Shaolin Temple. It is hoped that Shaolin culture could influence your lifestyle, embrace and enrich your life. Insisting on practicing Shaolin Kungfu could get joy of body and mind.”

After that, Yandeng, the founder of the Untied Studio of Self Defense, issued course-completion certificates to students. More than 200 students had been studying Shaolin Kungfu for a long time in the US. This time they came to the Ancestral Monastery and were conducted by Shaolin warriors and were through a Shaolin Kungfu Test. Finally, they were witnessed, issued course-completion certificates and were recognized by the Great Monk Yongxin. Students successively stepped on the platform to accept certificate, thanked the Great Monk Yongxin and the coaches and took group photos together with delight.

After the closing ceremony, a pair of mother and child students from California told us that her son began to contact Shaolin Kungfu at the age of 5. It has been five years now. But it was his first time to come to the Shaolin Temple. Compared to the imagination before, standing in front of the Shaolin Temple was very sacred. The architectures here are very old and have a strong cultural atmosphere. When talking about Shaolin Kungfu, young students excitedly told us that they love Shaolin Kungfu so much which is very interesting and various. After coming to the Shaolin Temple this time, they hoped to be able to learn more Shaolin Kungfu and expressed that they would come to the Ancestral Monastery of the Shaolin Temple again later.

A student from California brought his daughter to come to the Ancestral Monastery of Shaolin Temple. He said that he used to practice karate. After watching the film “Shaolin Temple”, he was fascinated by Shaolin Temple. So began to learn Shaolin Kungfu. It has been more than ten years until now. But he never thought that he could come to the Shaolin Temple. This time he came to the Shaolin Temple, which was his great dream like landing on the moon. It was very sacred and unbelievable. He said that Shaolin Kungfu was very popular and famous in their place. This time he brought his daught to come to the Shaolin Temple to learn Shaolin Kungfu from Shaolin warriors, which was very high courtesy. The experience was his greatest gain. If I had a chance, I would come here again.

It was the first time for many students to come to the Shaolin Temple. They all like the Shaolin Temple so much. Following the masters in learning Shaolin Kungfu made us full of joy, which was an unforgettable experience for them in life. (Editor: Zou Xiang, Zhang Hailong)

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