Russian Painter Aleksei Krasnov’s Oil Painting Exhibition Is Held in the Shaolin Temple

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On June 25, 2018, at 10:30 a.m., the launch ceremony of Russian painter Aleksei Krasnov’s oil painting exhibition was held at the stele corridor in the Shaolin Temple. The exhibition time was from June 25 to July 1. The Abbot of Shaolin Temple the Great Monk Yongxin and related guests attended the launch ceremony.

At the launch ceremony, Russian painter Mr. Aleksei Krasnov said that, because of the introduction of St. Petersburg center’s Ms Svetlana Vsemirnova (Dharma name: Yanbin), he arrived at the Shaolin Temple in the late March, 2018 and visited the Great Monk Yongxin. He put forward the ideas of creating theme paintings featured the Shaolin Temple, which received the Great Monk Yongxin and Shaolin monks’ support. Through his 3-month creation, Mr. Aleksei Krasnov successively created more than 20 oil paintings that mainly make the Shaolin scenery, Shaolin monks, Shaolin Kungfu, Shaolin meditation and dharma activities as the creative content. Mr. Aleksei Krasnov said that he was deeply impressed by Shaolin monks and Shaolin culture. As time was limited, his creative content was not rich enough. He will continue the creation of related themes of Shaolin culture later on while calling on other artists to join in together after returning home and bringing Shaolin culture to more Russians.

In his speech, the Great Monk Yongxin said the relationship between the Shaolin Temple and Russia has a long history. The Shaolin Temple set the Shaolin cultural centers in Russia. There are always many Russian groups or personages to visit Shaolin Temple every year. (Editor: Zou Xiang)

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