UK Shaolin Xiu Center Holds Bathing Buddha’s Day

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On June, 10, 2018, to celebrate the birth of Buddha, UK Shaolin Xiu Center held the solemn Bathing Buddha’s Day. The assembly and related activities were from 10:30 am to 5:00 pm. There were 450 people to attend it and 9 masters to presiding over the assembly, including Thich Tinh Thong and Thich Nguyen Tu, the co-founders of Medicine Guru Buddha Ashram Foundation, Thich Quan That, the Abbot of Medicine Guru Buddha Foundation, Kassapa, the Buddhist Abbot of Mahavihara in Birmingham, Nanda Loka, a monk of Mahavihara, Birmingham, Thich Quang An, Thich Nhuan Khai, Thuong Chiele, monks of Vietnam Mahabouddha, Kha Tim Minh, Thuong Chiele Temple, etc.

During the Bathing Buddha’s Day, students from UK Shaolin Xiu Center and the local believers got together to hear the masters explained the origin of the Bathing Buddha’s Day as well as the sense and rite. Under the leadership of Dharma master, the believers bathed the Buddha with delight.

During that period, head of UK Shaolin Xiu Center Master Yanxiu conveyed the greetings from the Great Monk Yongxin, the Abbot of Shaolin Temple. He hoped that all believers could continue to protect Shaolin culture and make the unique Shaolin life philosophy service more the local people.

That afternoon, UK Shaolin Xiu Center also held rich and colorful activities including Shaolin Kungfu performance, traditional Chinese culture display, etc. (Editor: Writings by Lay Buddhist Zou Xiang, Photos by UK Shaolin Xiu Center)

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