Master Shi Yanhui of Italy Shaolin Fist Union Delivers a Theme Lecture on Shaolin Culture in Rome

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On the morning of June, 9, 2018, local time, head of Italy Shaolin Fist Union Master Shi Yanhui and Professor Vicenzo Maria Saraceni, La Sapienza Medical Surgeon at Rome’s first university, attended “Shaolin Culture Chan Wu Yi Theory Forum” in the San Giovanni Hospital. In the mean time, Master Shi Yanhui gave a theme lecture on Shaolin culture for the audience. Elisabeta Miglioreli, a distinguished host of Italian Television 2, conducted the meeting.

Before the lecture, students of Italy Shaolin Fist Union presented a wonderful performance of Shaolin Kungfu, which won the applause of the audience.

Then Master Shi Yanhui spoke in Italian to explain the profound Shaolin cultural concepts of Chan Wu Yi in simple language, which gained unanimous appraisal from people.

When giving a speech, Professor Vicenzo Maria Saraceni highly appraised Shaolin cultural concepts of “Cultivating the heart with Chan, strengthening the body with Martial arts and keeping in health with medical”. She spoke that the local people benefits a lot from the concepts. 

Professor Vicenzo Maria Saraceni has cooperated with Master Shi Yanhui on many occasions to give lectures, which is remarkably effective. Through the cooperation with Master Shi Yanhui for several years and the profound understanding for Shaolin culture, Professor Vicenzo Maria Saraceni begins to integrate and apply the concept of Shaolin culture to Italian clinical medicine and has achieved remarkable results.

Professor Viceenzo Maria Saraceni thanked the Abbot of Shaolin Temple the Great Monk Shi Yongxin spread the Shaolin culture to Italy and hoped that Shaolin Temple could continue to deepen the cooperation with Italy Shaolin Fist Union.

In view of the two sessions of Chan Yi courses taught in Rome was very popular, Master Shi Yanhui decided to teach the third session of Chan Yi course in October this year. After the end of the lecture, people rushed to sign up for the third Chan Yi course. (Editor: Zou Xiang, Shi Yanhui)

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