The Seventh Day of Shaolin Temple’s Water Land Dharma Function: Completing a Successful Incense Ceremony and Escorting the Holy Ones

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On June 2, 2018, the Inner Shrine of Shaolin Temple’s Water Land Dharma Function held the successful incense and offering ceremony. In the afternoon, there will be a Escorting the Holy Ones ceremony that thousands of people will attend. Naga and Deva were delighted, all Buddhas highly praised it while all beings of the three realms enjoy the Buddha’s kindness and were benefited together.

In the morning, respective firework mouths of the Outer Shine held the Life Extension ceremony and the Deceased Ceremony while the Inner Shrine held the successful Offerings and Incense ceremony. The dharma masters led hosts of merits to mount the Shangtang and Xiatang to offer incense in turn, showed all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas their meaning of offering, invited all gods to accept it while making clan relatives and six realms of existence receive Buddhas’ light, enjoy Buddha dharma’s fair foods and attain enlightenment.

The complete offering ceremony is a lent for Nhava Shava including 24 seats. The dharma foods were offered for all gods and all spirits of the six realms were joyful. A complete incense ceremony will come to a successful issue and the six realms of existence will break out from the suffering. The hosts of merits represented all beings of the dharma realms to bow to repent all cause and effect in the past and seek relief. It is to vow that the merits that people attended the assembly to result in will be transferred into all the beings that could be crossed over. All beings of Water and Land could be able to be born in the Paradise.

At 1:30 pm, the dharma masters led all hosts of merits and believers of the ten dharma realms left Shaolin Temple’s the Mahavero Hall (the Great Shrine) for the Pagoda Forest to escort the saints. The paradise chanted in chorus the name of “Amitabha Buddha” and went on slowly. The sound of drums and bells were resounded the ancient temple. The slogan of compassion and the honor guards of the two groups were solemn and rigid. Among the devout Buddhist recital of scriptures, there were to invite the holy ones and escort all Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and saints of the then dharma realms. The six realms of existence and all relatives were reborn in the Pure Land.

The paradise gathered in the Pagoda Forest. Everyone read Buddha’s name, let off firecrackers, lighted the western ship and pray the grand general to protect all the deceased beings on boat for the Western Paradise. The ceremony took or so half an hour and the whole Escorting Saint ceremony was completed successfully.

So far, the Water Land Dharma Function of Shaolin Temple inn Wuxu Year has come to a successful issue, by which all hosts’ merits and virtues are unlimited. Devoutly there will be to pray for the world peace, the prosperous country, people at peace and the good weather! (Editor: Zou Xiang, Yue Long, Zhang Hailong)

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