Britain Shaolin Xiu Center Being Invited to Give Lectures on Shaolin Culture for British Computer Society

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Local time at 6 p.m., November 10, 2017, invited by Wu Haiyan, the executive vice chairman of British Computer Society, 5 of group that included head of Britain Shaolin Cultural Center Yanxiu and the students went to Britain Shaolin Cultural Center headquarters in London for lectures which explained Shaolin Culture as a representative of the traditional Chinese culture and led people to experience Shaolin Kungfu, Qigong, Chan meditation, Chinese medicine massage and so on.

Head of Britain Shaolin Xiu Cultural Center Yanxiu explaining Shaolin cultural knowledge

Live experience of Shaolin regimen method 

On the night, more than 20 people attended the meeting. The oldest person is 87 and the youngest one is 14. Most of them are members of British Computer Society. During the lecture, explained Shaolin cultural common sense and etiquette culture and filial piety culture of traditional Chinese culture to people. In the mean time, he also taught people some simple and practical body-building methods that were fit to practice at home or in the office, which could improve physical and mental health.

Yanxiu teaching people Shaolin regimen method

Shaolin Kungfu show

After two hours interactions, people had a better understanding of Shaolin Kungfu and Chan-medicine regimen, admired the wonderful exhibition of Yanxiu and his disciples and developed a keen interest in traditional Chinese culture. People hoped to have chance to go to Shaolin Temple and listen to the Abbot of Shaolin Temple, Shi Yongxin’s merciful discourse.

Taking photos with delight

Wu Yan represented British Computer Society to show her gratitude to Yanxiu and his disciples who provide various kinds of lectures and highly praised that Britain Shaolin Xiu Cultural Center widely spread traditional Chinese culture in the UK and Europe. She wished that this activity should be often held, which could make members of British computer society and the great British public have the chance to understand and study Chinese culture. British Computer Society with 60 years history has 80,000 members or so, who scatter across 12 countries and regions in Britain and around the world, is the largest electronic technology organization in Britain. (Photo by Shanxin / Writing by Zou Xiang)

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