Shaolin Xiu Cultural Center of Britain Grandly Hosting “The Celebration Party of Mid-Autumn Festival in Dingyou Year”

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Local time on October 8, 2017, Shaolin Xiu cultural center of Britain grandly hosted the celebration party of Mid-Autumn festival in lunar Dingyou Year for celebrating China's traditional Mid-Autumn Festival from ten a.m. till six thirty p.m. There were nearly 200 people that included Yanxiu, head of Shaolin Xiu cultural center, Master Yuandu and Guangde from Vietnam, students of cultural center, Shaolin culture lovers and so on, participated in the party.

Blessing dharma assembly

The celebration party scene of Shaolin Xiu cultural center of Britain

Shaolin Kung Fu show

Shaolin Zen meditation experiences

Guessing lantern riddles

Talent show

Taking photos with joy

On the same day content of the party covered blessing dharma assembly, Zen meditation experiences, Shaolin Kung Fu show, music performances, guessing lantern riddles and so on. The center's director, Yanxiu had a dinner with students and guests together during the event. (Editor: Yanxiang Lay)

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