The Delegation of Shaolin Culture from Wenzhou Visiting Zen Ancestral Chamber of Shaolin Temple

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On the morning of October 9, 2017, a delegation of 13 people of Shaoliln culture from Wenzhou visited Shaolin Temple for culture exchange, with Anren Temple Abbot Master Yanxin’s leading of Longwan District of Wenzhou City. The visitors were warmly received by Abbot, the Great Monk Yongxin. The members of delegation included Zhang Chanjuan, the director general for the state administration for religious affairs of Longwan District of Wenzhou City, Tang Jianguo vice director, Master Moxing, President of Longwan District of Wenzhou City Buddhism Association, Master Nengyan vice president, Mr. Ji Guolin, the head of Volunteer Service of Wenzhou Wushu Association, Mr Sun Songlong deputy head, Mr. Chu Kuang from Wenzhou Enlightenment Guqin Club, Duan Wenjing, Wang Xiao and Lin Bingzhong from Wenzhou Enlightenment Foundation.

The delegation of Shaolin culture from Wenzhou taking photos with Great Monk Yongxin

With Master Yanyun of Guest Chapel of Shaolin Temple, the delegation of Shaolin culture from Wenzhou jolly visited Shaolin Temple Permanent Residence Compound that included all halls and Shaolin cultural legacy such as statues, inscriptions murals and so on. The delegation was amazed at over 1500 years of thick and abundant cultural deposits of Shaolin Temple and sang high praise for Shaolin Sangha’s efforts for dharma. 

The delegation of Shaolin culture from Wenzhou taking photos before Gateway

The delegation taking photos in Guest Chapel of Shaolin Temple

The delegation making interactions at the pharmacy of Shaolin Temple

Yongxin Great Monk communicated with distinguished guests with joy in Hall of Abbot. Mater Yan Xin introduced situation of Anren Temple to Yongxin Great Monk. As a side pure land of developing Shaolin Culture, Aanren Temple will uphold the concept of salvation and compassion to widely spread Zen, Martial arts and Medicine of Shaolin culture for the benefit of beings. Great Monk Yongxin extended his warm welcome to everyone. He highlighted the situation of “Forgetting the Moon Poetry” that was held in Shaolin Temple the other day and “The First Meeting Open to All of Shaolin Temple” that was hosted some time ago. Great Monk Yongxin hopes that they could often come to visit and exchange, from which all could benefit.

The delegation of Shaolin culture from Wenzhou savoring the poems of “Forgetting the Moon Poetry”

Afterward the delegation of Shaolin culture from Wenzhou would experience Shaolin Zen Martial, Zen Meditation, Zen Medicine and so on.(Editor: Yanxiang Lay)

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