Shaolin Chanwuyi & Taiji Summer Retreat in Greece 2017

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On July 28th, organized by Greece Shaolin Cultural Center, the Annual Shaolin Chanwuyi & Tai Ji Summer Retreat in Greece was held on Mount Parnitha at the Bafi Refuge.

Those who participated had the opportunity to experience some of the daily activities of vegetarian diet, seven hours of exercise at Shaolin Chanwuyi and Tai Chi in the heart of the forest, enjoying the most popular Attica mountain. They also got to know Chinese calligraphy by learning some of the basic strokes, from the 34th generation Shaolin monk of our country and director of Greece Shaolin Cultural Center, Master Shi Yan Xiang.

Master Shi Yan Xiang congratulated all participants on their effort and renewed the appointment for the next Summer Retreat of the year 2018. He also welcomed everyone to follow him in his next year's China trip to the Shaolin Temple of China.



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