Shaolin Kungfu Test & New Year’s Tea Party

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On the night of Jan.25th, 2017, the 28th day of the 12th lunar month, Shaolin Temple held its annual "Shaolin Kungfu Test & New Year’s Tea Party" at the Martial Arts Hall. Master Shi Yongxin, monks of the monastery, children of Shaolin Charity House and foreign Shaolin disciples attended the event to celebrate the Chinese Spring Festival.(News: Lay Buddhist Yanxiang  Photo: Master Yandi)

Master Yongxin gives a speech.

Master Yongxin presents awards for the winners in Shaolin Kungfu Test.

At the New Year's Tea Party

Students from Shaolin Charity House give a performance at the event.

Ven.Abbot Yongxin has a pleasant conversation with the children of Shaolin Charity House.

A group photo of Ven.Abbot Yongxin and the students

Indian disciple sings a song with passion.

Students of Shaolin Charity House say "Happy New Year" to Ven.Abbot Yongxin.