Shaolin Temple USA Welcomes 10th Anniversary with Outstanding Competition Results at “Shaolin Warriors Meet”

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Shaolin Temple USA held its last 2016 event — “Shaolin Warriors Meet” on the 18th of December. Students from San Francisco, Fremont, Sunnyvale Shaolin Culture Centers and Stanford University Shaolin Kung Fu class gathered at James Logan High School Gymnasium in Union City to participate in this annual year-end Intramural Shaolin Kung Fu competition, and to welcome year 2017 with outstanding results of their training.


Master Yanran addresses the opening ceremony.


At the opening ceremony, after a judge and an athlete took the oath for the Meet, Executive Director and Head Coach Master Yanran welcomed everyone and expounded on the essence of “Shaolin Warriors”.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I am very happy that we can all gather here today for our 7th annual intramural games. First of all, I thank all of our volunteers for their hard work, and extend my warm welcome and greetings to all of our guests and participants. Last year, in 2015, we renamed our intramural games to “Shaolin Warriors Meet.” Why did we do that, and what does “Shaolin Warriors” mean?  A Shaolin warrior is a person, who can overcome himself, exhibit selflessness and has a generous temperament towards others. We hope that our students will be influenced by Shaolin culture through their Shaolin Kung Fu practice at our culture center, and develop the spirit of a Shaolin Warrior. We would like the competition to be a platform for cultural exchange and diversity. If Shaolin Culture is spread to every corner of the world, the Shaolin Warrior spirit will result in more harmonious and peaceful societies. 
Finally, I wish you all good health and good luck. I wish all students can achieve good results in their competition and exhibit the Shaolin Warrior spirit. Winners should not be too overconfident and losers should not be discouraged. Always looking forward to a better tomorrow.”


At the competition


Happy Winners


A group photo of Shifus and competition winners


This year’s games comprised individual events for traditional Shaolin fist and weapon forms at Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Divisions as well as various group events. The students’ overall level of performance in this competition achieved new heights. Highlights included the lively and heartwarming “Shaolin Family Fun” Kung Fu performances by 10 families, demonstration by students of the Stanford Kung Fu class, and fierce competition among Grand Champion contestants and three school teams. Happy winners received trophies and medals at the Awards Ceremony. Students who did not place in the top three in any event, each received a participation medal for their efforts.

A “Happy New Year” vegetarian dinner party for coaches, students, parents, staff, volunteers and guests immediately after the competition. The Meet concluded successfully with outstanding results for 2016 and heralded an exciting 2017 for Shaolin Temple USA. Founded in 2007, Shaolin Temple USA will celebrate its 10th anniversary with a series of events throughout the year.(Written by:Shiang Foo Photos by: Alan Cao, Christian Pomodoro, Lydia-Marie Joubert)

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