Shaolin Kungfu Show at the 40th Almaden Valley Art & Wine Festival

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As one of the best festivals in San Jose, the Almaden Valley Art & Wine Festival often invited local musicians, performance groups to the festival each year and Shaolin Kungfu Zen Academy has been invited to perform at the kid’s stage and main stage this year. On the Sunday of September 11, 2016, almost 40 students from the academy came to Almaden Lake Park for Shaolin Kungfu performance. Students battled stage fright and tried their best to give a brilliant Shaolin Kungfu Show.

Shaolin Kungfu Exhibition

Every year, the Almaden Valley Women’s Club presents its signature fundraising event--the Almaden Valley Art and Wine Festival. All of the proceeds and earnings from the festival are donated to non-profit organizations, schools and to student scholarships. The festival has been held every year in Almaden Lake Park since 1976 and still continues to this day.

The poster of the Almaden Valley Art & Wine Festival


At the festival

A group photo of the students 

During the performance, students from Shaolin Kungfu Zen Academy showcased the astonishing Shaolin Kungfu skills, including Shaolin Tiger Fist, crane-style boxing, Shaolin broadsword and so on, which won warm applause form the audience. Their performance also spread the healthy lifestyle of Shaolin Temple to the local people, which taught people to gain spiritual and physical health through practicing Shaolin Kungfu. (News/Photo: USA Silicon Valley Shaolin Cultural Center/Shaolin Kung Fu Zen Academy) 

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