Shaolin Open Day Academic Year 2016-17 in Milan

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Shaolin Cultural Center of Milan(Shaolin Quan Fa Milan)held the Shaolin Open Day Academic Year 2016-17 with a rich program on September 11, 2016, and the programs was as follows:

1.SHAOLIN OPEN CLASS (for children, youth, adults, seniors): Chan Meditation, Shaolin Gong Fu, Tong-zi-gong, Qi-gong, Taijiquan, Rou-Quan, Self-Defence, Qin-na

2.SHAOLIN CONFERENCE AND SHAOLIN SHOW VIDEO: Shaolin & Health (The 3 jewels of Shaolin Culture)  

3.CHINESE HEALTH & RELAX: Chinese tea tasting by Prof.Marco Bertona, President of ADeMaThè Italy and Chinese balls massage by therapist Maria Fruino

4.RAW VEGAN LUNCH: Shaolin State of Harmony - Raw Vegan 

Among the many participants coming from all over Italy the oldest was over 70 years old while the youngest was just a 9-day-old infant.

All people attended expressed a great enthusiasm, involvement and appreciation towards the Millennial Shaolin Culture and the cultural educational programs of Shaolin Cultural Center of Milan(Shaolin Quan Fa Milan).

Shifu Shi Hengchan and Shi Hengding wish all a happy new Academic Year 2016-17 full of personal growth in the martial arts and in the spirituality for a peaceful and constructive life, always with heart, mind and spirit turned to the Good, on the Way of Dharma.(News/Photo: Shaolin Cultural Center of Milan)

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