Master Yanran Honored with “Martial Arts Healing Qigong” Award

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(September 3, 2016. San Francisco, USA) The 17th World Congress on Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine convened in San Francisco from September 2 to September 5 at Hotel Whitcomb and Civic Center Plaza. Shaolin Temple USA was invited to showcase Shaolin Kung Fu, Shaolin Wellness Qigong and Shaolin Hard Qigong at the Gala Celebration and Awards Ceremony on September 3. On September 4, Master Yanran conducted a workshop on Shaolin Yijinjing and Shaolin Xisuijing. Medical experts, Qigong masters, integrative therapy practitioners and people interested in learning more about Qigong participated in the 4-day conferences and workshops.

At the Gala Celebration 

Master Yanran (3rd left, front row) was honored by the Congress with the “Martial Arts Healing Qigong” Award at the September 3rd Gala Celebration. Other awards the Congress awarded to experts from around the world included the “Medical Qigong” Award, “Scientist Award” and “Health Qigong” Award.

Shaolin Kungfu Show 

On the scene of the Gala Celebration and Awards Ceremony

At the Congress’s request, Shaolin Temple USA’s presentation included young children and mature adults, to highlight the importance of wellness exercises in every stage of life, which proved that Shaolin Kung Fu and Wellness Qigong practices are suitable and beneficial for people of all ages.

Shaolin Kungfu is performed by people of all ages.

After the performance, Gala guests experienced Shaolin Yijinjing and Xisuijing exercises led by Master Yanran.

The guests are experiencing Shaolin Kungfu.

A group photo of Shaolin Temple USA Shifus and Students with Dr. Effie Chow (center, front row)

After the activity, Shifus from Shaolin Temple USA took a group photo with Dr. Effie Chow, founder of the East West Academy of Healing Arts and the Qigong Congress. Dr. Chow was appointed by President Bill Clinton to the Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine Policy in year 2000.(Editor: Faxi  Photos: Alan Cao)

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