Shaolin Temple USA Enchanted Viewers With Spectacular Shaolin Kungfu at Parade

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(July 4, 2016. Fremont, California, USA)Shaolin Temple USA Shifus and students enchanted spectators at this year's 4th of July Parade in Fremont with an exciting program of Shaolin Kung Fu.



Students in the parade team aged 4 to 60 included several families enjoying their favorite activity together—Shaolin Kung Fu.







Young students impressed the spectators with their lively performance.


This is Shaolin Temple USA’s third year in this parade. Led by Master Yanran, Executive Director of Shaolin Temple USA, the 60-member team comprised students from Shaolin culture centers in San Francisco and Fremont. Their performance of traditional Shaolin fist and weapon forms wowed spectators of all ages who awarded them roaring cheers and applause. Students in the parade came from diverse ethnic background and professions. They love Shaolin culture. They were here to share the joy and at the same time strengthen their Kung Fu training.





 With members of other parade teams


Immediately after the parade, Shaolin Temple received a phone call thanking the Temple for bringing a wonderful program to the July 4th Independence Day celebration. He especially appreciated the vitality, focus and confidence exuded by the young members, and expressed great interest in enrolling his children at the Shaolin culture center.




Families crowded along the parade route to enjoy the festivities and a happy holiday.


Besides floats, marching bands, vintage cars and performances, there were also parade units from the County and City governments. Shaolin Temple USA made many new friends at the parade.(Photo/News: Diana Hong Editor: Fa Xi)

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