Spectacular Shaolin Kung Fu at University of California in Berkeley Women’s Basketball Game Halftime

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On December 21, 2014, Master Shi Yanran led the Shifus and students of Shaolin Temple Cultural Centers in San Francisco and Fremont to  University of California in Berkeley, and presented a spectacular halftime program of Shaolin Kung Fu to basketball fans. This was a major year-end game for the University’s Golden Bears Women’s Basketball Team. The game—California vs. Louisville, was nationally broadcast live on Pac-12 network.

The 12,000-seat Haas Pavilion was fully packed.

At halftime, a video about Shaolin Temple Cultural Centers was played on large screens to introduce the performance.

Splendid Shaolin Kung Fu won roaring cheers.

Master Yanran performing Shaolin Whirlwind Fiery Staff.

Pac-12 Network zoomed in on breathtaking action.


The performance concluded amid thunderous applauses.