Shaolin Temple Cultural Center in San Francisco 2014 Intramural Games Successfully Concluded

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On December 13, 2014, Shaolin Temple USA held its annual Intramural Games at Shaolin Temple Culture Center in Fremont, California. Over 100 students including 15 competing teams from Shaolin cultural centers in San Francisco, Fremont and Sunnyvale, California, participated in 37 individual and group events in nearly 200 appearances. 16 scholarships and more than 170 medals were awarded.

Master Shi Yanran announced the opening of the 2014 Intramural Games.


Contest among fellow students was highly competitive.

  In additional to the over 30 events for compulsory Shaolin traditional fist and weapon forms in various belt ranks (dans), students also enthusiastically participated in Optional Shaolin Traditional Forms, Family (Parent-Child), Group and School Teams events.

According to Master Yanran, Shaolin Temple USA is an extended overseas Shaolin family. Many parents and their children learn and train together in Shaolin Kung Fu, Wellness Qigong and Sanshou classes. The youngest athlete this year was four years old, and the oldest eighty. The Parent-Child Event was created to encourage more families to participate in these healthy activities. Seven parent-child teams contributed to a lively and heartwarming display of Shaolin family fun.

After intense competition, Ryo Eguchi (center) and Nathaniel Teng (Left) from the San Francisco Center, and Nijo Tan (right) from the Fremont Center garnered the top 3 places in the Individual All-Around Event.


Family Event:  "Chang Family Warriors” Shuangyu Chang and his daughter and son (top left) were awarded the gold medal.

The “San Francisco Women Warriors” garnered the top prize in the Group Exhibition Event.


The Finale — School Teams Competition Champion: San Francisco School Team.


Competition winners of all ages and levels joined their Shifus for a group photo.

At the Awards Ceremony, Master Yanran commended the students for their achievements in the competition and the significant progress they have made in their training as a result of hard work and team work. Special thanks went to the Shifus for their tireless nurturing in the classroom, and the dedicated support of the parents. He urged the students to continue their efforts in mastering the fundamental principles of Shaolin Kung Fu, to fully experience the core essence of Shaolin culture, and to scale new heights in the new year.

Founded in 2007, Shaolin Temple USA has done extensive work teaching Shaolin Kung Fu and promoting Shaolin culture in the United States. Shaolin disciples of different skin colors and diverse backgrounds gather at the Shaolin cultural centers to experience Shaolin Kung Fu Chan, Medicine, Arts and grow together. They also actively participate in Shaolin Temple USA’s work in sharing Shaolin culture with the American people. In March 2014, the staff and students of Shaolin Temple USA worked closely together and assisted in the successful 10th anniversary celebration of “Songshan Shaolin Temple Day” in California. They have become an important medium for the dissemination of Shaolin culture in America.

On December 17, 2014, the San Francisco and Fremont School Teams, and students of Stanford University Shaolin Kung Fu class joined the masters in showcasing Shaolin Kung Fu at Stanford Men's Basketball Game halftime to 7,200 fans. This was the fourth time that Shaolin Temple USA was invited to present a halftime performance at Stanford University .

On December 21, 2014, the masters and students were invited to the University of California, Berkeley Women’s Basketball Game and enchanted 12,000 fans with a spectacular Shaolin Kung Fu performance at halftime.